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  • in the presidential election of 18 76.

  • The top two candidates were Republican Rutherford B.

  • Hayes and Democrat Samuel Tilden.

  • For weeks, Americans were unsure of the winner.

  • A special electoral commission carried out an investigation.

  • Tilden had won the popular vote, but the commission found Hayes to be the winner.

  • Two days later, he was sworn in as the 19th president.

  • Hayes was well respected, honest and dignified.

  • He banned alcoholic drinks from the White House, but on most other issues he took a moderate position, Observer said.

  • His presidency traveled a middle path, and historians say that among US presidents, Hayes is somewhere around the middle.

in the presidential election of 18 76.


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アメリカの大統領たち - ラザフォード・B・ヘイズ (America's Presidents - Rutherford B. Hayes)

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