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  • This is everyday grammar.

  • I'm Macia.

  • I'm looking forward to this episode, and I'm I came up with the topic.

  • No, you didn't.

  • Don't try to get away with saying you were the mastermind behind this awesome topic.

  • Okay, why don't we get on with the lesson since we don't have much time?

  • Plus, we get along really well, so I dont want to fight friends.

  • Friends, three parts Brazel Burbs are idiomatic expressions toe have one burb and two particles.

  • A particle is a word that must appear with another word to create meaning.

  • Like look forward to burb plus particle plus article three part appraisal Verbs are useful when you're trying to express yourself in a natural way without being too wordy.

  • But you have to remember a couple of things about three part brazel burbs.

  • One, they are inseparable.

  • No part of speech can separate them to changing any part of the three part Fraser suburbs changes its meaning.

  • Catch up to, has a different meaning, then catch up on.

  • So be careful.

  • And three be aware that three part Fraser burbs in American English might have a different meaning from the same appraisal burbs in British English.

This is everyday grammar.


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日常の文法:三部構成の句動詞 (Everyday Grammar: Three-Part Phrasal Verbs)

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