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  • okay.

  • In sentences with superlative adjectives, we often put more stress on the adjective or say it louder.

  • For example, when on a talks about Jonathan and Ashley, she says They are the friendliest people I know.

  • She says the word friendliest louder than the other words.

  • Uh huh.

  • Jonathan and Ashley are two other good friends of mine in the city.

  • They are the friendliest people I know.

  • They always help me when I need it.

  • Now you try it.

  • Repeat what Anna says about her friend Marsha.

  • Put stress on the adjective.

  • Marcia is the nicest person I know in this city.

  • Now tell us about one of your friends.

  • Use one of the superlative adjectives from this lesson such as silliest, nicest, friendliest, messiest or luckiest.

  • Be sure to say the adjective louder than the other words.



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