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  • before the election of 18 44.

  • Democratic Party could not agree on a candidate at the last minute.

  • Party leaders proposed James K.

  • Polk.

  • He was the country's first dark horse candidate.

  • No one expected him to win, but he did.

  • As president, Polk added all or part of 11 current US states to the country.

  • Although he went to war with Mexico to do it.

  • Poke is remembered for advancing Manifest Destiny, the idea that the US could and should expand all the way to the Pacific Ocean.

  • After four years in office, Pope kept his promises to serve only one term and retired.

before the election of 18 44.


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アメリカ大統領 ジェームス・ポーク (America's President - James Polk)

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