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  • this is everyday grammar.

  • I'm Cav A and I'm Macia.

  • Writing can be hard, especially with all the different punctuation rules.

  • What punctuation confuses you the most?

  • Let me think.

  • No one has ever really explained to me the proper use of dashes.

  • Dashes?

  • Yeah, I always use them, but I've never been taught about them either.

  • End Desh em dash and the double hyphen are the three types of dashes, but today let's focus on the first to a dash is a long horizontal line in the middle of a line of text.

  • It is used to separate groups of words when, as the writer, you want to emphasize a statement or use them in place of a colon or to replace parentheses or a comma.

  • The em dash does all of these six.

  • When you want to be less formal and writing and still generate a strong emotion, you can use the em dash.

  • After all, the neighbors arrived, including Jimmy and Tailor.

  • The host gave a speech.

  • The students, all 30 of them, failed.

  • The test is afraid of one thing.

  • Spiders.

  • The end.

  • Ash is shorter in length and can be used to represent spans of time or ranges in numbers or to show a connection or create compound adjectives.

  • I read pages 30 through 36 of the new book.

  • I need 15 to 20 minutes to cook my lunch.

  • The flight route is London to New York is the Nobel Prize winning scientist, and that's every day grammar.

this is everyday grammar.


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毎日の文法: エブリデイ・グラマー: エムダッシュ、エムダッシュ (Everyday Grammar: Em Dash, Em Dash)

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