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  • base base.

  • A base is any of the four places a runner must touch in order to score in baseball.

  • Baseball Baseball Baseball is a game played on a large field by two teams of nine players who try to score runs by hitting a small ball with a long, rounded stick and then running to each of the four places a runner must touch in order to score without being put out.

  • Better, Better, better means more attractive, appealing, effective or useful bike.

  • Bike.

  • A bicycle or bike is a two wheeled vehicle that a person rides by pushing on foot pedals, Cheers, cheers to cheer means to shout with joy, approval or enthusiasm.

  • Crowd crowd A crowd is a large group of people who are together in one place earlier, earlier earlier means before the usual or expected time.

  • Extra extra extra means more than is usual or necessary.

  • Fan fan.

  • A fan is a person who likes and admires someone such as a famous person or something such as a sport or a sports team in a very enthusiastic way.

  • Faster, faster, fester means with great speed.

  • Hit, hit to hit means to cause a ball to move by hitting it forcefully with a bat in baseball.

  • Hit, hit Ah hit is when a baseball player is able to successfully swing the bat and connect it with the ball.

  • Home plate.

  • Home plate home plate is the base that a runner must touch in order to score in baseball.

  • Home run home run.

  • Ah, home run is a hit that allows the batter to go around all the bases and score a run in baseball Nationals Park Nationals Park Nationals Park is a baseball park located in Washington, D.

  • C.

  • That is the home ballpark for the Washington Nationals baseball team.

  • Online online online means done over the Internet.

  • Pitch.

  • Pitch to pitch means to throw a ball to the player who is trying to hit the ball in baseball.

  • Swing swing to swing means to move your arms while holding the long, rounded stick that is used to hit the ball in baseball with a quick, curving motion peen team.

  • A team is a group of people who competes in a sport or game against another group.

  • Van plan, then is used toe Introduce the second or last of two or more things or people that are being compared used with the comparative form of an adjective or adverb.

  • A ticket, a ticket.

  • A ticket is a piece of paper that allows you to see a show, participate in an event or travel on a vehicle window window.

  • A window is an opening in a wall or door that usually contains a sheet of glass.

  • To compare things in English, we use a special kind of adjective to compare two or more things.

  • Use a comparative adjective In this lesson, Ashley says.

  • A bicycle is faster than a taxi later on, A says being early is better than being late.

  • Now you try it compared to ways to get to Nationals Park.

  • Which way is faster?

  • Metro or bus?

  • I want to arrive earlier.

  • This time the Metro is faster than a bus.

  • You will arrive earlier.

  • Superlative adjectives.

  • Superlative adjectives describe one thing as having more of a quality than all of the other things.

  • In a group.

  • The word the appears before these adjectives and they end in E S T or S T.

  • In last week's lesson, we heard pizza.

  • You came to the right place.

  • They have the freshest seafood in town he uses a superlative adjective because there are many places to buy seafood.

  • He thinks this market has the freshest seafood.

  • Sometimes there are irregular forms for these adjectives.

  • For example, best is the superlative adjective for the word good.

  • Better is the comparative adjective for good.

  • Listen to P as he uses a superlative adjective to describe the crabs.

  • Crabs here are delicious.

  • They are the best because they come from the nearby Chesapeake Bay.

  • In this lesson, Ana says, Metro was a lot faster than a bus or by for the adjective fast.

  • The superlative is fastest.

  • Now you try it.

  • Compare four ways to get to Nationals Park.

  • What is the best way to get to nationals Park, Metro bus, taxi or bike?

  • The Metro is the fastest way to get to nationals Park.

base base.


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