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  • Hey everybody, Alisha here. Today we are going to talk about Thanksgiving and some Thanksgiving

  • related vocabulary words. So let's get started.

  • The first word is just Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a national holiday in America.

  • It might be holiday in your country as well. You might have something similar to Thanksgiving.

  • Basically it's a holiday which is well known for eating Turkey and large, large quantities

  • of other foods which are really hearty. A lot of families chose to get together. People

  • come from all over the country to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal with their family members

  • and friends in some cases. Thanksgiving is the 4th Thursday of every November, right?

  • Next is the word Turkey. Turkey is a big bird which we almost I would

  • say exclusively eat at Thanksgiving. It's delicious. It makes you sleep if you eat a

  • lot of it. Here is a picture of President Obama pardoning a Turkey. Why do we do this?

  • Look athis daughter is in the background facepalming. Oh that's funny. So the president

  • pardons a turkey every Thanksgiving to, I guess show the Turkey that it's not going

  • to be slaughtered. All of its wrong doings are forgiven. And my favorite Thanksgiving

  • food is Turkey.

  • The next word is cornucopia. This is something that you only really see around Thanksgiving

  • time. It looks kind of like a horn, it's a horn-shaped thing and it usually has fresh

  • fruits and maybe vegetables inside. According to this, it says it's a symbol of plenty.

  • So whatever it is full of, it's usually just kind of overflowing with that. It's

  • to signify that you have a lot of you know food. You have enough of something. So that's

  • something you might see around Thanksgiving time. My mom puts out a Cornucopia of vegetables

  • and fruits every year at Thanksgiving dinner.

  • Another good word to know is Cranberry sauce. This is a really, really popular dish at Thanksgiving.

  • It's more of a dessert in my mind anyway. Its jelly that's made of cranberries and

  • it's really sweet. Some people like to top it with whipped cream. Different families

  • have different recipes. It's pretty well known and it goes really well with Turkey.

  • So give it a try if you see it. Cranberry sauce is my brother's favorite Thanksgiving

  • dish.

  • Pilgrim is the next word. Pilgrim is a word that refers to the people who came to what

  • is now America, what is now the United States, from England and you might have seen historical

  • pictures of them. People like to make fun of the fact that they had buckles on their

  • hats. Big pointy black hat and a lot of the pictures in children's history books. Pilgrims

  • ate Thanksgiving dinner with the Native American population for the first Thanksgiving. That's

  • how the holiday got started actually.

  • And that's the end. Thank you for joining us about Thanksgiving. I hope that you enjoyed

  • a Thanksgiving sometime. No I don't. If you do, great. If you don't whatever, I

  • don't know. So those are some words that you might be able to use if you find yourself

  • in a Thanksgiving dinner some day. I hope you enjoyed, happy Thanksgiving.

Hey everybody, Alisha here. Today we are going to talk about Thanksgiving and some Thanksgiving


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