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  • Take a look at this scene.

  • If you're not getting enough sleep then you might experience very short blackouts called

  • micro-sleeps, and these can stop you seeing what's in front of your eyes. For example,

  • did you spot the bus changing colour, or the disappearing buildings, or the child running

  • towards the road?

  • So how do you know if you are sleep deprived?

  • Well, do you need an alarm clock to wake up?

  • Do you fall asleep within five minutes of getting into bed?

  • And do you drink lots of coffee or energy drinks to stay awake during the day?

  • If so, then you might need to spend more time asleep, and you can see our top tips for a

  • better nights sleep by clicking the link below this video.

Take a look at this scene.


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睡眠テスト (The Sleep Test)