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  • British police who shot dead a terrorist in south London have confirmed that the man had only recently been released from jail after serving a sentence for terrorism related offensives.

  • Sued ish Amman was killed by police after stabbing two people with the latest here Simon Jones Just moments after undercover officers have shot a convicted terrorist who stabbed a man and a woman on Stratum High Road, another officer arrives on a motorbike as police attempt to clear the area.

  • The man on the ground appears to be wearing a suicide vest.

  • I hear free shop and I see him how he dropped and he was a life for a good 23 minutes on the floor.

  • But he had best this way.

  • Police tell everybody we have to move back in case of the blast, reinforcements arrive.

  • The area is flooded with police sort of blood and I sort of got on the floor and I see other people running and then I see the police come mr over the hill.

  • Passersby come to the aid of those injured.

  • The device turns out to be a fake, but the mystery of why the police were so quickly on the scene is revealed.

  • Armed officers who were part of a proactive counter terrorism surveillance operation on We're following the suspect on foot were in immediate attendance on shot.

  • A male suspect dead at the scene.

  • The suspect had Bean recently released from prison where he had been serving a sentence for Islamist related terrorism offenses.

  • And this is the man Sudan Sharman.

  • He only got out of jail just days ago.

  • The 20 year old had served half his sentence of three years and four months for possessing documents containing terrorist information.

  • In a notebook he wrote.

  • A life goal was to Die a martyr.

  • There are clear parallels with the Fishmongers hall attack on London Bridge in November.

  • The Attackers man con pursued by a man with a far extinguisher after hit, killed two people can to have Bean released halfway through his sentence.

  • Back then, the government said it would force dangerous terrorists to serve their whole jail terms.

  • Now it says it will go further with new initiatives.

  • Those measures will build upon the actions that we've already put in place very swiftly in terms of investing in counter terror, police overhaul in the licensing conditions and the license in regime around counterterrorism offenders on ending the early release.

  • We need legislation to that end in the early release of counterterrorism offenders.

  • It's right that these individuals are kept behind bars.

  • But this latest incident raises new questions not only about the length of jail terms but also about the effectiveness of police surveillance.

  • How a man considered so dangerous that he was being followed was able to carry out a terror attack in broad daylight.

  • Simon Jones, BBC News Just a short while ago, the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has been speaking to the BBC and says that he's angry that the government has failed to change anti terror laws.

  • The question that I'm asking is, Why is it that there was a need for this man to be under the close supervision?

  • He was with an armed team.

  • If the authorities knew he was a danger, why did the judge have the tools, his or her disposal to give this person a sentence commensurate with what he's accused of doing?

  • And why didn't the probation service the prison service properly punish and reform him, but also, why was he allowed to be released?

  • if the authorities knew who is going to be a danger.

  • And here's my other concern.

  • We know there are more than 200 convicted terrorists in prison.

  • We also know there, roughly speaking 70 plus who have Bean released onto our streets.

  • What reassurance can I received from the government that these people are properly being punished in reformed, those in prison not released until they're no longer a danger?

  • The public but also those that are out?

  • I want to be reassured that the authorities have the resources and support they need to make sure of being kept safe.

  • Then somebody's breaching their license.

  • If somebody is a danger, the public, they should be back in prison so we can all be safe.

British police who shot dead a terrorist in south London have confirmed that the man had only recently been released from jail after serving a sentence for terrorism related offensives.


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Streatham襲撃事件。ロンドンで刺された男性が警察に射殺される - BBC ニュース (Streatham attack: Man shot dead by police after stabbings in London - BBC News)

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