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  • the number of Popes are increasing.

  • Last year we had the highest put count.

  • Every fans is over 2700 drones is part of a trial that would that would that would be doing in a moment.

  • This is to go alongside our traditional method of marking the pumps with this, this homicide vegetable nice, die our methods.

  • It's become a bit tricky for strangers, especially because the numbers are busy now, so it can be tricky to access the islands.

  • And also there's the safety element as well, because they're quite vicious animals.

  • By trying the drone basic kind of seeing if we can come in this way in a way which is safe for us, less disturbance for them.

  • It's assist in the Rangers by during a lot more islands in one day, so I can cover a lot more space in the time it takes them to do it.

  • But it never replaced because my photography is giving me numbers to give him no the different ages or short ality rate seals.

  • My flight happens.

  • I flight 50 meters, so the seals I don't even know the drones.

the number of Popes are increasing.


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B1 中級

空からアザラシを発見 - BBC ニュース (Spotting seals from the sky - BBC News)

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