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  • police investigating a suspect in the Madeleine McCann case are also now looking into the disappearance of two other Children.

  • The 43 year old suspect, a convicted sex offender named Cristian B.

  • Is currently in a German prison on drugs.

  • Offenses.

  • The case is being reviewed include the disappearance of a German boy in southern Portugal in 1996 of the disappearance in Germany of a five year old girl in 2015.

  • Our Berlin correspondent Jenny Hill has more details.

  • In the tranquility of the German countryside, the former home of a suspected child killer, Christiane, be owned.

  • This land lived here sometimes in a caravan.

  • The impression you get is of a rather secretive man.

  • Someone who came and went usually at night who didn't want to speak to the neighbors, in fact, gave the very clear impression he didn't want to be disturbed.

  • Police have searched this land twice in the last four years.

  • They found a memory stick containing child pornography but no trace of a little German girl who went missing in 2015.

  • Anger was five when she disappeared from a family party.

  • We've been told that police still suspect Christiane be of involvement in her disappearance.

  • There are the suspects that detectives know he had an acquaintance who worked at the complex where the party was held.

  • This lawyer represents in his father.

  • It's always when every few months or every few years new evidence is in.

  • In our case appears it is something between hope that his story is still alive and resignation, that she might be dead already.

  • Christiane Be first came to Portugal in 1995 on the run from Germany, where he'd been convicted of sexually abusing a child.

  • A year later, a German boy disappeared in the Al Gough German police, now reportedly looking again at the case.

  • More details are emerging about the man whose biography is chaotic, characterized by crime.

  • Christiane be drifted between Portugal and Germany in the years after Madeleine's disappearance.

  • For a while, he ran this shop in Branch Spike.

  • He's now in Kiel prison, serving a sentence for drug dealing and for the rape of a 72 year old woman.

  • In prior delusion.

  • German police believe Christian be killed Madeline McCann, but they say they still need the public's help if there to bring him to justice.

police investigating a suspect in the Madeleine McCann case are also now looking into the disappearance of two other Children.


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マデリン・マッカン容疑者:警察、他の2人の子供の失踪を捜査 - BBC ニュース (Madeleine McCann suspect: police investigate disappearance of two other children - BBC News)

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