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  • I'm gonna be reviewing the dopers.

  • Ticked off food hat in the game right now.

  • I'm gonna be a chef.

  • A cooking channel called Cooking With C.

  • And no, I'm not very be four hats first half D I y He's building an egg McMuffin at home.

  • We win the egg, he's in love with its demon.

  • And you think in the hands He's coming out with a cop.

  • Build it, put them together.

  • And that was amazing.

  • Agnes Family.

  • We're going to start by taking our cup and trying to make the perfect slice that fits the perfect muffin.

  • And that Joe and I'm going Teoh butter the ram of a little bit of blood.

  • My mother, somewhere on here, Edwin are seeking out the sides.

  • I still have faith.

  • Have a cheese on there.

  • Ham goes there.

  • You could see the egg stuck to the mother.

  • And if enough butter, I guess I think that's pretty legit.

  • I didn't butter really inside the mugs.

  • Make that for you Dry.

  • Also, I noticed my exited steam.

  • I don't know because I did it pulled down.

  • Or maybe they're Bruins, um, secret tricks and they didn't show us Oh, down Leo first everywhere.

  • That's a great accidents on this half must dry, delicious egg McMuffin sandwich.

  • I wash my hands the next time we were gonna make an avocado flower, she just cause I'm gon Jinn it starts slicing it and then she starts rolling it like it looks easy.

  • Looks easy.

  • I think I got this.

  • E just took the avocado slices right in half.

  • I don't know why she massages avocado.

  • Maybe it was to get the avocado into food, something like this and then All right.

  • I don't know why it is so hard.

  • I am going to try this again.

  • This moving the smart and inward looking wrap this around way.

  • I'm definitely not the pro yet, but I definitely being a pens on the rightness of the avocado so that you have enough wiggle room to move the avocados round.

  • Let's get skins of these bad boys quick.

  • She's just pretty much thought saying the tomatoes, lest I get a little bit of oil covering them with 16.

  • She's petting a cat.

  • Some back to its appeal, comes off 19.

  • So we're going to make love y'all.

  • So I'm gonna begin by slicing my tomatoes you know, get the oil hot flesh side down.

  • Don't live.

  • Take about five minutes.

  • So it's been about five minutes.

  • Cool.

  • I love Miss Tomato like you're compensated, but not really.

  • Because you never shocked with tomatoes afterwards, which is really interesting because I feel like if you want to have, you know, warm tomatoes without the deal visited way the next time Rainbow Rahman in the video, she just boiling like three packs.

  • She's dividing the noodles in different bowls in the adding different food colorings to make rainbow spectrum of colors water boiling Google the noodle babies where you add, you know, you know, it was one of those things.

  • I have three different flavors of Rahman because this will taste the rainbow Answer the rainbow at the same time are a little bit of coloring.

  • I like doing this because it reminds me of another child.

  • We're gonna makes everything yeah with because they're like they're like pastel.

  • Do I like rainbow?

  • No, I think it's ponds like to have like a city that you want to do.

  • So I did notice if you wanted to be vibrated popping just like these, we're gonna have to add a lot of food coloring, so I mean, that's when you have to compromise.

  • Do you want to be eating all this to die for the clout or not?

  • I love you.

  • I learned so much from them.

  • I hope you guys down below any Oh!

I'm gonna be reviewing the dopers.


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