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  • booster Gold is a hero in a brand.

  • He's a vigilante, protecting the streets of Metropolis and also the head of his own PR company.

  • He's a wink and a catchphrase.

  • He's fame and fortune incarnates the number one thing to know about Booster gold.

  • He's 100% full of shit.

  • Michael John Carter was your average star college football player from the 25th century.

  • His future in the future was great until his mother cut a devastating illness they couldn't afford to treat.

  • Forced into a corner, Michael was caught betting on his own games in order to pay for the treatment unit.

  • Moved a future Canada.

  • Well, his mother did survive.

  • Michael found himself in jail after his time.

  • He just managed to land a job as a security guard at the Metropolis Space Museum and stumbled upon the exhibit on 20th centuries superheroes, which inspired him to become a superhero to and kind of actually, he stole all the hero taking good and turns out it was the real deal, including account.

  • Damn time machine.

  • Okay, great idea.

  • Let's just leave that shit lying around in the museum that hires ex cons of security alongside his own.

  • See Threepio Baht Skeets.

  • Michael took a trip to the past.

  • He used his knowledge of future events to profit off the stock market and form his own company.

  • Gold Star Incorporated Pretty clever of him.

  • Lever Leg of bugs Michael J.

  • Fox played Guy back in the future.

  • He went.

  • Bag Lords Almanac.

  • This PR firm and merchandising house would eventually introduce him as a self made superhero.

  • Celebrity.

  • Gold star exempt run of Reagan has heard the name as booster gold, and it's stuck.

  • Well, now he sounds like a trading card peg.

  • Don't get the wrong idea.

  • Michael didn't initially become a superhero for altruistic means.

  • Even Superman.

  • The most positive men alive believe booster gold to be a huge dick.

  • No good blaming Booster didn't care about helping people.

  • He just wanted to make a fortune on problems.

  • He already knew what happened, Sportswomen, ec remember.

  • Luckily, he wasn't all talk Hiss.

  • Stolen technology was incredibly advanced, like his power suit, which, despite making him look like a huge tool, increases his strength, speed and toughness to superhuman levels.

  • His main offensive gear includes energy guns, both of which can fire uni directional blast known as booster shots.

  • Really leaning into that brand synergy and even enemy is getting a little hanzee.

  • He can redirect the gauntlets energy through his suit, zapping the shit out of anything it touches.

  • Or it could hamper his strength even more.

  • He's just got to be careful not to run out of fuel.

  • His goggles include heat vision, infrared and X ray.

  • And his legion flight ring allows him to, you know, but at the end of the day, boosters still in ordinary gay.

  • He's leg of iron, man.

  • Where a dumb loser speaking of dumb losers with waves your hair so much longer one like that yesterday.

  • Oh, uh, growth spurts.

  • Wait a minute.

  • You finish the timer shape what?

  • No score you is.

  • I'm going back to the future.

  • Whatever.

booster Gold is a hero in a brand.


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ブースターゴールドタイムがDEATH BATTLEに旅立つ! (Booster Gold Time Travels to DEATH BATTLE!)

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