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  • and replace system was a hot topic this weekend.

  • Coaches have been adjusting to the challenge system, but we keep seeing late game scenarios involving a no call, which means no challenge can be made and thus no replay could be played.

  • Let's go back to Friday night.

  • Rudy Gobert was credited with the block on Damian Lillard Jazz win the game.

  • The referees later admitted they missed the gold 10 call, but the play was quote not reviewable because no call was made on the floor.

  • Kevin, how can the MBA fix the replaces?

  • A couple things?

  • And this is a perfect example of what waken review sins of commission.

  • But we can't review sins of omission, right?

  • Like so it's a binary call.

  • If it's goaltending and and you decide later, it's not.

  • You can't basically you can do it right?

  • Like call goaltending.

  • Yet if it's reversed, you can't.

  • You can't reverse an uncle.

  • That is illogical, right?

  • It is a binary called get it right.

  • The thing I would do is I'm gonna sign 1/4 referee to the crew.

  • I'm gonna put him in a room with a monitor.

  • He is wired into the other three referees.

  • He is every bit as part of the crew because this is what happens in this league There.

  • We're all at home.

  • Everyone who knows with the cases, everybody knows that the correct call is except the three guys huddle around a TV screen and you're gonna have the technology utilized.

  • But they can't.

  • So let me ask you this poll, let's say they call a gold 10 so they could review it.

  • And then it turned out it wasn't a golden as a player.

  • Would you be upset like all you broke our momentum?

  • Because you have to say, I think, really, it's slowing down the game.

  • I mean, how many replays do we want to give again?

  • There's blown calls every night.

  • Thank you in the N va.

  • Now this because we know who those important with a one or lost the game.

  • But this happens every night.

  • And so I'm not mad, and I don't think there's ah different system we have to put in.

  • Just gotta understand.

  • The referees are perfect.

  • Players aren't perfect.

  • This happens every night, you know.

  • Doesn't change the outcome of a game.

  • Sure, Maybe, Maybe not.

  • But this is like that I want when I'm watching the game and I'm sitting there for five minutes, or even when I play we sitting there waiting for the sort of replays to come.

  • And if there's a change in the system, they have to do something speeded up You get, I'm by large.

  • I'm against replay, right?

  • If you're gonna do it adjudicated correctly if you're gonna do it like here's the thing.

  • Does anyone think for a second that if you told the founders of basketball 100 years ago Oh, by the way, there's this extra technology and you can actually watch things instantaneously that just happened?

  • You want to utilize that yet?

  • But don't this idea That guy's huddled around a screen.

  • They should change Jerry West of three guys 100 around the screen on the N B.

  • A logo kills the flow of the game.

  • But if you're gonna do it, have it.

  • Have the fourth referee be wired into the other three and just say, Hey, Kenny, you missed that story Sexy month thing, and I'm not a fan of bash Ref.

  • Tell little these guys have the hardest job.

  • I mean, they're in the incredible added I went to Australia for a game a couple of weeks ago.

  • Products really good.

  • You know, it was most noticeable.

  • The rest of the refs MBA reps are the best in the world.

  • They're also human beings.

  • Eso.

  • But I agree.

  • If we can speed it up with the technology, someone in Secaucus or whatever Monty Hall at me, we could talk about it.

  • Money market.

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and replace system was a hot topic this weekend.


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