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  • family, I think, is the most unique fundraiser because Theo kids in this center every shoe is unique because every kid has it from story.

  • But if you think these air fire, it's that since 2004 Nike is partnered with Dorn Becker Children's Hospital, inviting six patients each year to custom design a pair of sneakers that our auction to the public.

  • Over the years, Dorn bankers have appeared on everything from Hollywood red carpets, toe eh, NBA Hardwood floors.

  • In 2012 then 10 year old heart patient Finnigan Mooney got the call and went to work.

  • The heart represents obviously, my heart and what I've gone through with heart surgeries and then the stitching is like the stitching on my heart and then is actually thumbprints on the bottom, which are actually my thumb.

  • That's incredible.

  • Yeah, Today, which is like, I always give my parents thumbs up.

  • After going after surgery.

  • Now 17 Mooney was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, a birth defect in which the left side of his heart was not fully developed.

  • He would need three open heart surgeries to save his life, the first when he was just three days old.

  • We knew that film was gonna have these surgeries before he was even born.

  • So way were kind of prepared.

  • But we were in the trenches for weeks, if not months, especially right out of the gates.

  • So it was.

  • It was tough for sure.

  • All right, so there's fins.

  • Designer Adam Welliver you're spending.

  • She was almost his biggest fans to see him in this environment.

  • He flourished there, you know?

  • It's like now he was in charge.

  • So here he was with adults standing all around him, and he was basically telling them what sounds like a famous shooters.

  • I I know Google Joe Mooney, and you get nothing from me and you get all this stuff.

  • It's pretty cool when you look at those shoes.

  • Now, six years later, what do you think?

  • What do you feel proud?

  • Probably wouldn't change anything.

  • Just love him.

  • It was a heart condition that also drew me to the door and Becker Freestyle programme.

  • Three years ago, I underwent life saving open heart surgery.

  • During my recovery, I discovered Finnegan's eye catching kicks, the anatomical heart inside the thump thump on the hell.

  • I had to have a pair, and this year's Dorn Becker freestyle auction was the perfect night to show them long for the first time, with familiar face by my side.

  • Good.

  • How are you ready?

  • You ready?

  • Sweet love.

  • Gotta love your fingerprints on the bottom of my shoe.

  • I want to do so.

  • Somebody made my shoes.

  • I love it.

  • That's a meeting.

  • This year's patient designers, Finn and I, head to the auction floor.

  • It's show time.

  • I want to welcome all you beautiful people for years.

  • 16 way got our Lums from this program that air here tonight We're Stacy and clothes and thin again.

  • Let's get this thing started.

  • 4005 for 6 7019 Dorn Becker Freestyle Collection of a $1,000,000 on auction.

  • If I could help one person, it's always.

  • But for people like Finn and myself, programs impact transcends any money raised.

  • I think it like Show that I'm like a very like happy kid.

  • I like like to do a lot of things.

family, I think, is the most unique fundraiser because Theo kids in this center every shoe is unique because every kid has it from story.


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