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  • Patrick Beverley doesn't believe it's a make or miss league, but we're gonna make him do make or miss with us.

  • You heard that correctly.

  • Mark Jones on the call last night, accidently calling Damian logo lizard.

  • But it kind of works, right, because he's cold blooded.

  • No, Don't like it.

  • Get it right.

  • Logo Lillard Not lizard.

  • Now, lizard.

  • No, no, no, no.

  • You don't like logo, lizard logo?

  • Lily Lily Way you hit the one against.

  • That's when I was with God, remember?

  • Go on, Miss Happy endings.

  • Talk about nickel.

  • Yokich is battle with the pressure microphones has been an issue.

  • This Siri's.

  • And we thought maybe he would have won the fight following Game five.

  • But after last night, sadly, I think guys, it may never end.

  • Is yoga versus the mike the best rivalry of the second round?

  • Uh, no.

  • I like the one that we're gonna watch tonight.

  • Tonight you go play an entire basketball game at this level.

  • And then someone asked you to come sit in a little room with 50 people staring at you, and then you gotta, you know, I've had trouble with those microphones for so I feel this pain.

  • There you go.

  • Boom.

  • All right, let's like a little make restraints.

  • Check out Joel and feet get the flagrant foul.

  • Last night, after a missed free throw, this was his third flagrant of the playoffs.

  • Now 1/4.

  • Flagrant, Guys, do a one game suspension.

  • Are you worried, Patrick?

  • Beverley, I don't think I don't think he allowed to happen or the NBA.

  • I'm not worried if it does happening, I mean, his suspension to be next year.

  • Oh, well, gets kicked out of the game.

  • You mean they're not gonna win?

  • It matter.

  • There you go.

  • I do the guest.

  • Be careful to control your temper, No doubt.

  • All right, Miss Peace and Glazers Nuggets.

  • Let's get to that A little chippy.

  • Well, Barton sticking his finger in Curry's face.

  • Now, Pat, you know all about things.

  • Getting chippy should have been ejected from this.

  • They got double technical team.

  • Max Air.

  • No fire.

  • Yes, yes, yourselves, like scam boys showing.

  • Although I think I think Will was saying that ourselves saying that like he waited, a couple guys got there before I heard right.

  • So you guys know on the court right when you guys were going back and forth with No, I'm not calling.

  • Will Barton fake?

  • I'm just saying I'm now taking it to a larger and larger discussion way.

  • Right?

  • Exactly.

  • Who's the guy who?

  • You don't want to mess with the MBA besides you?

  • Because I think this is from my point is that most people would say it was him, right?

  • So I want to ask her, You think No one, I don't know what it is that tough?

  • Is they saying from who in your era was the one that ever a new I mean I mean a couple.

  • That's why I'm asking.

  • He doesn't have a shack in his right.

  • It's hard.

  • Wait.

  • Like there were guys talking about from right.

  • So So who were the guys in your era?

  • I e Leave him alone.

  • Leave it.

Patrick Beverley doesn't believe it's a make or miss league, but we're gonna make him do make or miss with us.


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