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  • meet Dr Ruit.

  • Hi, I am Dr Sandor.

  • Grew it and I have completed 100,000 surgeries in my life.

  • Dr.

  • Ruit is an eye surgeon from Nepal and he is fixing one off the biggest problems in the world.

  • Our eyes.

  • You don't know this, but our eyes get cataracts on eye disease that effects 90% of us 90%.

  • By age 65 our vision gets blurry and with time everything goes dark and we can go blind.

  • People all around the world can barely drink, barely walk and barely see because off cataract does the salmon do local Come look.

  • And that's where Dr Ruit comes in.

  • He went on a mission to treat cataract in people who can't afford it.

  • Normally, a cataract cost $200 but he invented a way to treat can Iraq that costs only $3.

  • And for this price he was able to go around the world and give treatment to people for free.

  • I very strongly believe if we can do it in Nepal, way can do it anywhere in the world.

  • In the remote villages, he would rent an empty hall and turn it into Ah hospital.

  • Hundreds and thousands of people come out to get treatment.

  • Many off them are poor and blind.

  • Many of them couldn't get a doctor before and in five minutes he treats their eyes and gives them back their vision.

  • I'm happy.

  • Do you know the fact is, when you sit in the chair there, you realize that you have been given an opportunity, a privilege to make a difference and not only I but in the life of that person.

  • All it takes is five minutes to treat lifelong blindness and $3.

  • You can see the joy in our face.

  • You know, give her enough vision to more around could never get around, do most of the things alone Dr.

  • Ruit went all around the world cheating people in China, in Nepal, in India and even North Korea.

  • So far, Dr Ruit personally treated 100,000 people.

  • He is the first thing people saw when they got their vision back.

  • That's why you got the nickname the God off site.

  • One of my sister, young love was younger to me, very close to me.

  • And when she died at the age of 15 that really triggered me to think.

  • And I thought that medicine is probably a branch where I can help people like my sister from all over Nepal.

  • People like Dr Ruit are not just the gods off site.

  • They are the reason humanity is beautiful.

  • See you next week.

meet Dr Ruit.


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彼は視力の神 (He Is The God Of Sight)

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