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  • Hi! I'm Sam from BBC Learning English.

  • And today, let's look at how we can change

  • adjectives into nouns

  • when talking about groups of people in general.

  • I'm from England

  • and I can talk about people from my country in

  • two ways:

  • 'English people talk about the weather a lot,'

  • where I use the adjective 'English'

  • to describe the noun 'people'.

  • Or I can take the adjective 'English'

  • and turn it into a noun with 'the':

  • 'The English talk about the weather a lot.'

  • You can use this rule to talk about

  • other groups of people as well. For example:

  • The rich have more than the poor.

  • But be careful!

  • Yes, the groups of people are plural,

  • and yes the verb is plural,

  • but we don't add 's' to the end of these words.

Hi! I'm Sam from BBC Learning English.


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