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  • Hello I'm Simon, welcome to Simon's Cat Logic, we'll be finding out from a cat expert

  • why cats behave the way they do. Today we're going to have a look at favourite sleeping places.

  • Altogether I've had six cats in my life and it amazes me how individual

  • each one is, even down to things like their favourite sleeping places.

  • My second cat Chloe's used to love the airing cupboard and would always find a way of sneaking in

  • there and going up to the second shelf and laying on the soft towels and the warm.

  • She loved it in there.

  • [Where do cats like to sleep?]

  • Cats sleep or rest intermittently throughout the day.

  • Cats like to sleep somewhere safe, usually up high.

  • They're also really fond of somewhere dark and warm.

  • You can find all sorts of hiding places and nice places for them to sleep

  • such as igloo beds, or those radiator beds, or even something as

  • simple as a cardboard box with a nice blanket inside.

  • Now you may think to yourself..

  • why is my cat sleeping in this random place on the floor, especially when I bought

  • this really expensive cat bed, but if you follow the line of the hot-water pipes

  • in your house you may well find that your cat sleeping just above them and

  • keeping nice and toasty.

  • [Let Sleeping Cats Lie] Now I know cats are really cute when they're fast asleep, but please resist the

  • temptation to wake them up.

  • Cats sleep for 16 hours or more a day and this will be even more in kittens or elderly cats.

  • You may find that cats actually steal your seat as soon as you get up.

  • It's actually because it's nice and warm

  • because you've just been sitting there, but also because it's off the floor and it

  • smells of the owner as well.

  • [Why do cats love laundry?]

  • All laundry provides a comfortable place for cats to sleep.

  • Now some cats prefer dirty laundry

  • just because it smells familiar to them and it has a scent of the owner on it.

  • Whereas other cats prefer clean laundry and this can be more because if it's

  • been freshly tumble dry this could be nice and warm. A safe place to sleep.

  • Whether it's a box

  • the laundry pile or even a suitcase, cats tend to rotate round when their sleeping

  • place which is the normal behaviour.

  • We think this is a throw back to African Wildcat behaviour where they want to

  • regularly change their sleeping place to avoid a build up of external parasites.

  • [Cats that sleep together...]

  • Many owners think that if their cats sleep together on the bed that they must be friends

  • this very much depends on how the cats are sleeping together

  • for example if the cats are sleeping together with interlocking paws and

  • maybe they're grooming each other and rubbing against each other

  • I think it's safe to say they're probably friends or in the same social group.

  • However, if you go back and have a look at your cats and you see that actually

  • they are carefully spaced out on the bed

  • maybe they're in a crouched position and they're very carefully just avoiding eye

  • contact with the other cats

  • it may be that they're actually tolerating each other or just not in the same

  • social group but there for the valued resource of the owners bed.

  • [Do cats dream?]

  • It is thought that cats may actually have dreams because they do have what's called REM

  • sleep or rapid eye movement sleep

  • I think many owners like to think when their cats are twitching and moving their paws

  • that perhaps they're chasing squirrels and things outside, but unfortunately at

  • this point in time we don't really know what they're dreaming about.

  • [Simon's Real Cats - Sleeping Places]

  • Hugh always makes me smile because his favourite

  • sleeping place is this big compost bin outside my back garden and it's just in

  • the right place for it catches all that afternoon sunlight and he's always there

  • snuggled on top of it, because he's black furred he absorbs all the heat.

  • Teddy's favourite sleeping place is actually at the end of the garden in an old run-down polytunnel

  • which is all overgrown with stingers and brambles and things, but there is a little hole under the door

  • Jess's favourite sleeping place is quite sweet she likes sleep next to my pillow

  • here at night and I have to make a space for her on my bed by pulling my pillows up.

  • My cat Maisy is ginormous

  • and her favourite stopping place is at the bottom of my bed

  • because she's so big he basically sprawls out and dominates the entire area.

  • That's the great thing about cats they're all so individual. My cats have all got their own

  • favourite sleeping places and I'm sure yours do too.

Hello I'm Simon, welcome to Simon's Cat Logic, we'll be finding out from a cat expert


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