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  • Eat Sleep Dreamers welcome to a very special English because today we're going to be learning

  • English with Alexa. With Alexa! Alexa? Alexa! Alexa! Hey Alexa? Alexa? Alexa. Alexa. Alexa.

  • There she is.

  • Welcome guys. Ok, so today we're going to be looking at how to make questions. Particularly

  • with wh- question words. And then we're going to ask them to Alexa, ok? Oh, hi Alexa. Hi.

  • First of all let's look at the words order to make questions and then we're going to

  • have some fun with her.

  • Let's review our word order for questions. So we're looking specifically today at questions

  • that begin with a wh- word. So, when, where, who, why, what etc. or how as well. So the

  • word order would be the question word then the auxiliary. That could be be, do or have.

  • Then you've got the subject and then the verb. And then sometimes we have other information

  • afterwards but in this example we won't ok so my example is 'Where were you born?' So

  • where is the question word. Were is the auxiliary, that's be in the past. You is the subject

  • and born the verb, ok? So 'where were you born?' Now that's the general word order for

  • a question, ok? Now the reason that we are using the wh- question word is because we

  • want specific information. So where were you born? I was born in London. That's specific

  • information. Now the questions we're going to be asking Alexa also require specific information.

  • I'm not going to ask her 'Do you like chocolate?' Yes or no. That's not the kind of question

  • I'm going to ask her and that's a different type of question. These ones are wh- question

  • words questions and so we want specific information and so that's the word order. So question

  • word, auxiliary, subject, verb and then the rest after if there is extra information.

  • One thing we have to look out for is the difference between subject questions and object questions.

  • This is all about what's the answer to the question. A subject question is where we want

  • to find out about the subject. So for example 'Who sung the song Gangnam Style?' So who

  • is the subject of the sentence. Gangnam Style is the object. So as you can see here we've

  • got who, ok? Then we've got the verb so who sung and we don't have an auxiliary ok that's

  • the key thing here. When you are using a subject question you don't need to use the auxiliary.

  • So it's the question word and then the verb. Another example might be 'Which team won the

  • 2014 world cup?' So there 'which team' is the subject and 'won' is the verb and 2014

  • world cup is the object. If we compare that to object questions. The answer to the question

  • is the object. Now, it's the regular word order that I showed you earlier so for example

  • 'Who is your favourite singer?' So who is the object of the sentence. You are the subject

  • of the sentence. So who is your favourite singer? The answer would be 'My favourite

  • singer is whoever Beyonce or whatever Ed Sheeran.' So you are the subject and Beyonce or Ed Sheeran

  • is the object. So the word order is the same as a regular question I guess. Who is the

  • question word, is is the auxiliary and then you have the rest afterwards. So that's going

  • to be important when I'm asking Alexa questions be aware to see which ones are subject questions

  • and which ones are object questions. And remember the slight difference in word order. Alright

  • let's get to know Alexa a little better.

  • Alexa, when were you born? I' was originally released on the sixth of November 2014'. Ok

  • we're now going to do a very special quiz. I'm going to ask Alexa some questions and

  • then we're going to pause before she gives us the answer and you guys have to guess what

  • the answer is. Are you ready? This is the Eat Sleep Dream English super quiz. Are you

  • ready? Are you steady? Let's go! Alexa, which football team won the 2014 world cup?' Germany

  • national football team won the world cup in 2014. What is the largest city in the world?

  • The largest city is Tokyo. Tokiy, is that the same as Tokyo? Tokiyo! It's near Tokyo.

  • What is the tallest building in the world? The tallest building is Burj Kalifah. Where

  • is the Burj Khalifa? The Burj Khalifa is a skyscraper in Dubai. Alexa, how do you spell

  • banana? B-A-N-A-N-A. How do you spell Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious? That's right. Alexa, what is the smallest

  • country in the world? The smallest UN recognised country is Vatican City. Thank you. Alexa,

  • play Gangnam Style. Louder.

  • Eat Sleep Dreamers to practise your questions and everything that we've looked at today

  • what I'd like you to do is to write a question for me in the comments below, ok? Write a

  • question for me, it could be about English, it could be about me, it could be about England,

  • London, Britain whatever you want. Put them in the comments below and I'll check to see

  • if they are grammatically correct and then I'm going to make another video for you guys

  • to answer those questions, ok? So write your question in the comments below or you could

  • do it on my Facebook page or my Instagram account and I will answer them for you.

  • Thank you for hanging out with me, this has been a lot of fun guys I hope you've enjoyed

  • it. I think this is the first ever English lesson with Alexa. Alexa say goodbye, goodbye,

  • goodbye from me too.

Eat Sleep Dreamers welcome to a very special English because today we're going to be learning


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