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  • George Floyd's likeness and his words memorialized around the world.

    George Floyd の肖像と言葉は世界中で記念されました。

  • The Syrian artists painting a mural amid the rubble of war-torn idlib province.


  • George Floyd's death in police custody is resonating far beyond the Unite States.


  • Here in Berlin on a former section of the Berlin Wall once builds to divide the city.


  • Now a local artist has painted this to unite.


  • Most of the people when they see these things is that they have to start to act even if they are not black or they are not Latino is even if they are no racism.


  • These memorials also service reminders that racism and police brutality are global problems.


  • Problems a sue spruce artist says he witnessed firsthand growing up in the Dominican Republic.


  • When I was like 13 years old, I watched the police killing somebody in the street that first out of my house.

    私が 13 歳のとき、家から出た通りで警察が誰かを殺すのを見ました。

  • and man, it's terrible to watch, you feel so important, you feel rage and I don't want to feel that.


  • From Minneapolis to Nairobi communities ought to often without a voice are speaking out on their city's wall's.


  • Street art helping to ensure that George Floyd's death votes won't be silence.

    ストリートアートは、George Floyd の死がこのまま埋もれないようにするために頑張っています。

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George Floyd's likeness and his words memorialized around the world.

George Floyd の肖像と言葉は世界中で記念されました。

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George Floydって誰?世界各地に広がる追悼の壁画(Murals Remembering George Floyd Appear Around The World | NBC News NOW)

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