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  • Okay let's keep this short and simple, five practical ways to deal with anxiety.

    さて、短くシンプルにいこう。不安に対処するための 5 つの実践的な方法。

  • First, breathe.


  • Breathe in deeply, down into your belly.


  • Use your diaphragm to breathe.


  • And then breathe out slowly through your lips.


  • Doing this intentionally is a great way to just slow yourself down, to get yourself out of that fight-or-flight response that anxiety so often brings, just trying to slow things down and let your body know it's okay.


  • Next stop is lifting heavy stuff because exercise in general is really good when it comes to your mental health but for anxiety especially.


  • There's something about lifting heavy weights that affects your nervous system so that the anxiety is temporarily relieved.


  • Of course, use proper form and all that and if you don't have weights you can do body weight exercises, squats, push up etc.


  • Third, be careful what you're feeding yourself.

    3 つ目、自分に与えるものについて気をつけるように。

  • Especially alcohol because while it may seem to relieve anxiety while you're drinking it, the next day your body overcompensates because alcohol is a depressant and your body is trying to get back to equilibrium.


  • So it's releasing chemicals in your body that are basically uppers and the next day once the alcohol is out of your system, your body is still producing that, which makes the anxiety worse.


  • Cutting out coffee is also a good idea, caffeine being a stimulant, it can make the anxiety much worse.


  • For me I love coffee, that's the last thing that I think will go, I'm gonna hold on to it as long as I can.


  • Then also things like sugar.


  • Sugar isn't really great for anxiety.


  • And then making sure you're drinking lots of water.


  • I mean, this sounds stupidly simple, right?


  • But our bodies are, it's this organic thing, 70% water.


  • I think anxiety tends to get worse when our bodies are just not functioning well in general.


  • And then another good thing that I have found is listening to other people's stories, other people who deal with anxiety or if you're dealing with obsessive thoughts or you're dealing with intrusive negative thoughts, there are so many podcasts out there now.


  • Everyone has a podcast, you can find podcasts where people talk about just anxiety and you can hear people's stories, and it's a great way to feel not so alone.


  • Okay and then fifth, it's always good to remind yourself that you are not your thoughts, you are not your feelings and when a thought or a sensation comes up in your body, that's not you, and you're not really responsible to it, you don't need to react to it.

    では、5 番目。あなた自身が思考ではないことを忘れないように。あなたはあなたの感情ではない。思考や感覚が体に現れたとき、それはあなたではないんだ。そしてあなたはそれに対して、本当に責任がなく、反応する必要はない。

  • Your mind is an organ just the way that your heart is, and so your heart is pumping, you're not doing anything, in the same way your mind is giving thoughts, it's just putting thoughts out there.

    あなたの心は心臓と同じように 1 つの器官なんだ。つまり、何もしてないのに心臓は動いてるように、あなたの心は思考を与えているだけ。思考をそこに置いているだけなんだ。

  • You didn't cause it to happen and you don't have to take any responsibility or respond to it.


  • It's good to cultivate that mindfulness to realize that when the thoughts come up, you can just be like, there's a thought and I don't have to engage with it, I don't have to make it out to be anything more than my mind is doing its thing and putting thoughts out there.


  • Or my body is making me feel like I have a fear feeling in the pit of my stomach.


  • Okay, that's just my body doing something.


  • Doesn't mean that I'm actually in danger.


  • Let me know in the comments if there are other ways, other practical ways you found for dealing with anxiety.


  • Give the video a like if you enjoyed it, and until next time, stay cool and attractive.


Okay let's keep this short and simple, five practical ways to deal with anxiety.

さて、短くシンプルにいこう。不安に対処するための 5 つの実践的な方法。

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不安に対処するための 5 つの実践的な方法(5 Practical Ways to Fight Anxiety)

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