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  • Improvement Pillwhen will you do a face reveal?

  • Why don't you ever show your face?

  • This is something that I get asked about quite often.

  • And every time someone questions me about this in real life – I tell them the same

  • exact story.

  • So today I want to tell you this storyso that you can finally understand my thought

  • process behind my decision.

  • This is why I don't have a face reveal.

  • So a couple of years ago when this channel was much much smaller – I was doing some

  • shopping in Soho, New York City with a couple of my friends.

  • We were in one of those fancy stores that only sold one article of each clothing.

  • I remember clearly – I was sitting down trying on a pair of shoes chatting away when

  • suddenly one of the girls in our group became extremely silent mid sentence.

  • Her eyes widenedand her jaw dropped.

  • * Gasp * She was looking at something in the distance.

  • Kelly what's upwhat are you looking at?”

  • She lifted her hand and pointed to someone on the other side of the store.

  • It was a young man wearing a large hoodie.

  • He wasn't doing anything specialjust casually looking through a rack of clothes.

  • It honestly just looked like another average dude shopping.

  • Guys, do you know who that is?”


  • It's...Justin Beiber

  • And she turned out to be rightJustin Beiber was shopping by himself in the store.

  • No security.

  • Super casually.

  • Just minding his own business - shopping.

  • And I'll never forget what happened next.

  • Slowly but surely word spread around the store and people became aware of his presence.

  • A crowd started to gather.

  • But what's interesting is that everyone kept their distance.

  • Right?

  • You would expect people to swarm a celebrity as famous as Beiberbut for some reason

  • everyone stayed far away from him.

  • Instead they all pulled out their phones and started filming him.

  • And the first thought that popped up in my head as I observed this scene.

  • Was thatoh my god - they're treating him exactly like an animal at the zoo.

  • Right?

  • When you're at the zoo you distance yourself from the animal and you take pictures of it.

  • And in this case Justin was the animal.

  • Not a single person went up to him to say hi.

  • Not a single person asked him for his permission to film.

  • They all just followed him around the storerecording his every movement.

  • They were not treating him like a fellow human being.

  • Something inside me told me that I should go and say hi to him.

  • I would probably never have an opportunity like this again.

  • So I walked up to Justin and introduced myself.

  • Hey your Justin Beiber right?”

  • Yeahnice to meet you manhe quickly shook my hand, turned away, and continued

  • his shopping.

  • I could see in his eyes that he wasn't really enjoying the experience.

  • Not just the interaction with me but also what was going on in the entire store.

  • And who could blame him – I doubt any of us would feel comfortable while our every

  • movement was being filmed without our permission.

  • I thought about that interaction a lot ever since that day.

  • To be completely honest with you guys - there was a point in time where I actually seriously

  • considered doing a face reveal.

  • But after seeing how people treated Justin – I honestly think it's just not worth it.

  • See the thing about fame is that it's sort of like a switch.

  • It's a switch that you can turn on but never turn off.

  • It's a switch that everyone tells you to turn onbut you don't know exactly what it'll

  • do.

  • What the consequences of turning it on will be.

  • And no matter how much money you makeno matter what great achievement you accomplish

  • in lifeif you realize turning on that switch was something you didn't actually want

  • there's nothing you can do about it.

  • You can never turn it off - You'll never be able to live a normal life again.

  • There's one thing I regret about my interaction with Beiber that day.

  • I should of asked him the following question - “Hey Justin, if you could go back in time

  • would you trade all of this fame and success for a normal life” - and I'm pretty sure

  • he would say yes.

  • Hopefully this short little story gives you some insight on why I don't show my face.

Improvement Pillwhen will you do a face reveal?


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