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  • [Armenia] What's considered taboo in my country?

    [アルメニア] 私の国でタブーとされていること?

  • Oral sex.


  • [We asked our fans around the world "What's considered taboo in your country?"]


  • What's considered to be taboo in your country?


  • Oh, there's a lot of taboos in Lebanon.


  • For example, it's Ramadan right now, so it'd be considered to be a taboo to be eating in public, especially in front of people who are fasting, just out of respect.


  • In Turkey, it's a taboo if you cross your legs in front of a (an) elder family member or elder people in general.


  • [Philippines] If two elder persons are talking with each other, a younger person should not meddle in between their conversation.

    [フィリピン] 目上の人が 2 人で話していたら、年下の人はその人たちの間に割って入ってはいけません。

  • The biggest taboo in Nigeria is pretty much disrespecting your parents.


  • Like if you talk back to your parents, we are coming for your burial.


  • Simple and short.


  • [Nigeria] There are so many taboos, where I mean by if you hit a man with a broom, his prick will become so so small and sometimes almost invisible.

    [ナイジェリア] タブーはものすごくたくさんあります。例えば、もし男の人をホウキで殴ったりしたら、その人のおチ〇チ〇が小さくなって、ほとんど見えなくなっちゃうこともあるみたいな。

  • [Malaysia] Don't eat ants.

    [マレーシア] アリを食べてはいけない。

  • If you eat ants, you will become forgetful.


  • [South Africa] You can't say this kid, he's like this high.

    [南アフリカ] こんなふうにして、 「この子の背の高さはこれくらい」と言ってはいけません。

  • No, you have to do this because we feel as if though you gonna block their growth or success.


  • If you do this, you're growing, you're blossoming.


  • [Albania] My mother says that whistling at night will attract jinn which are creature that lives among us and we cannot see them but they may cause harm, especially if you are at home, to the family.

    [アルバニア] 母が言うんですけど、夜に口笛を吹くと、「ジン」という生き物を引き寄せてしまうって。その生き物は人間界で暮らしてはいるんだけど、姿は見えないんです。ただ、人間に悪さをするんです。特に家にいる時は、家族に対して悪さをします。

  • Taboo in England.


  • I'd say talking about money.


  • Tipping.


  • [Greece] Being a bad host.

    [ギリシャ] 酷いおもてなしをすること。

  • [Ghana] Giving something to someone older than you with your left hand.

    [ガーナ] 目上の人に左手で物を渡すことです。

  • Don't ask me why, don't even know and I do it.


  • [Indonesia] I think the philosophy behind it is because we're using our left hand to clean up our ass after taking a shit.

    [インドネシア] ウンチした後、左手でお尻を拭くからって考えがあるからだと思うけど。

  • [Indonesia] I feel quite pity to those lefties in my country.

    [インドネシア] この国では左利きの人たちのことをすごく気の毒に思いますね。

  • Some of them have to learn to use their right hand.


  • [Sweden] One thing that is really taboo to do in Sweden is to sit next to someone, on let's say a train, if you do that, you will be considered crazy.

    [スウェーデン] スウェーデンでかなりタブーなのは、人の隣に座ること。例えば電車とかでそれをすると、頭がおかしいと思われます。

  • We don't like to speak to strangers.


  • [South Korea] Tattoos.

    [韓国] タトゥーです。

  • It's still, I think, technically illegal in a lot of ways, like they still cite ...


  • You can get a citation for having a lot of tattoos in public but I recently got a tattoo from an artist in Korea and he's sick.


  • [Thailand] Please do respect our royal family.

    [タイ] どうか、タイの王室を敬っててください。

  • If you're not careful and defame our king or our queen, you can face three to 15 years sentence in jail.

    うっかり王や王妃のことを悪く言ったら、3 年から 15 年の実刑判決を受けることもあります。

  • [Tunisia] Public affection.

    [チュニジア] 人前でイチャイチャすること。

  • You can't kiss your girl in public.


  • You go to prison.


  • [India] Love marriages are a big taboo because if you don't meet someone through your parents, it's a big no-no.

    [インド] 恋愛結婚はかなりのタブーです。親を通した相手に会わないと、大変なことになります。

  • [Japan] Usually people don't really talk about sex.

    [日本] 一般的に、性についての話はあまりしません。

  • Even sex education is fairly limited actually.


  • (Indonesia) So frustrating.

    [インドネシア] ものすごく不満です。

  • It's sex ed and you need it, it's so bad.


  • Like, "Bitch we're gonna have sex."


  • "Bitch we wanna get laid, okay?"


  • That's why we have a lot of pregnant friends.


  • [Brazil] Something that's very taboo in here because we are very, very, very Catholic country is abortion.

    [ブラジル] この国ですごくタブーなことは、カトリックの人がすごく多い国なので、中絶ですね。

  • [Chile] Abortions is a big one.

    [チリ] 中絶は大きなタブーです。

  • [Argentina] Abortion because even though we have tried a lot of times to get it legal, it's still not legal.

    [アルゼンチン] 中絶です。何度も合法にしようという試みがありましたが、まだ実現されていません。

  • It's weird because we all know that there is abortions being done not in hospitals, not in a safe space.


  • A lot of people, women, are dying because of abortion and it's a pretty serious topic.


  • I'd like to think that Spain doesn't have a lot of taboos but I would say...


  • Suicide maybe, because we just don't talk about that.


  • [Netherlands] Talking about mental health issues and I think that stigma needs to be broken because that really drives people to the point of no return.

    [オランダ] 心の病ついて話すことです。私は、そういう負のレッテルをなくさなければいけないと思っています。そのせいで、みんな追い込まれてしまうから。

  • What's considered taboo in England?


  • Not a lot really, I mean, women's nipples.


  • [Saudi Arabia] Basically anything that is forbidden in Islam or violates the public decency, drugs, alcohol.

    [サウジアラビア] 基本的にはイスラム教で禁じられていることはすべてです。それか、世間の風紀を乱すこと、麻薬、アルコールですね。

  • [Italy] Pineapple on a pizza--why?

    [イタリア] ピザのパイナップル。なんで?

  • [Saudi Arabia] Playing music during prayer time.

    [サウジアラビア] お祈りの時間に音楽を流すこと。

  • [Italy] Cheese on the fish--no.

    [イタリア] 魚にチーズ。ダメですね。

  • Wearing revealing clothes.


  • [Italy] You have to drink cappuccino just in the morning and not with a meal.

    [イタリア] カプチーノは朝だけのもの。食事にも合わせません。

  • [Saudi Arabia] Indecent behaviors.

    [サウジアラビア] わいせつ行為。

  • [Saudi Arabia] We don't talk about sex, we don't talk about drugs, we don't talk about alcohol, we don't talk about these things although we talk a lot about them in secret, though.

    [サウジアラビア] 性についての話はしません。麻薬についても、アルコールについても話しません。そういう話はしないけど、実は陰でいっぱい話してます。

[Armenia] What's considered taboo in my country?

[アルメニア] 私の国でタブーとされていること?

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