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  • Why am I single?

    ‐ どうして独り身かって?

  • Can you tell me?


  • Am I ugly?


  • Would you date me?


  • [digital love]

    [digital love]

  • Because I'm picky.


  • Because I got my heartbroken.

    ‐ 私、ひどい思いをしたんで。

  • Nobody is as cute as me that wants me.

    ‐ 私と同じくらいカワイくて、私のことをイイって言ってくれる人がいないの。

  • It's a good question for my therapist.

    ‐ 私のセラピストに聞きたい質問ね。

  • I'm just kidding.


  • The universe was like, "You're gonna be single."

    ‐ 世の中のすべてが、私は独り身で過ごすって。

  • And I also was like, I think it's time for me to be single.


  • I need time for myself after a breakup last year, and like, I'm growing exponentially by myself right now.

    ‐ 去年彼女と別れてから、時間が必要で。それで今、自分を急激に成長させているところって感じなんです。

  • I'm not accepting anything, you know, I'm not just taking anything, I'm very specific of what I want.

    ‐ 私は何でもいいから受け入れるってタイプじゃないんです。何でもかんでも手に入れようとはしない。私は、自分の欲しいものがすごく具体的に決まっているんです。

  • Previously, I didn't set standards for myself in terms of the energy that I accepted from men.

    ‐ 前は自分の中で基準を作ってなかったの。男の人からどれくらいまでエネルギーを受け入れるかっていう。

  • And now I'm single because I have those standards.

    - ふぅ~…。それで、今はシングル。ここまでって基準を作ったから。

  • Why am I single?

    ‐ なんで独りかって?

  • I haven't thought about that question.

    ‐ そんなこと考えたこともなかったな。

  • Because I'm psycho.

    ‐ 精神を病んでるから。

  • No, I'm kidding.


  • I'm just looking for some unicorn that hopefully will come one day.

    ‐ いつかきっと現れてくれるであろう理想の人を探しているところです。

  • There's nothing out there.

    ‐ そんなもの存在しないですね。

  • I'm ready to get married.


  • People say five years, I want two years.

    (結婚まで) 5 年付き合うとか言うけど、私は 2 年でいいです。

  • I can't find anyone that wants to be with someone as talkative as me right now.

    - 今は、私みたいなおしゃべりな人と一緒に居たいと思ってくれる人が見つからないんです。

  • It's tough.


  • I just get bored, sometimes, of people.

    ‐ 人間に飽き飽きしてしまうことがあるんです。

  • Oh, so that's how you feel?

    ‐ あぁ、それが君の意見?

  • And then they get so whiny and you have to text him so much.

    ‐ メソメソしたり、彼氏にメッセージを頻繁に送ったり。

  • I feel like it's a lot of energy to date someone right now, and I feel like if I'm gonna exert that energy, you better be worth it.


  • I don't believe someone has to be perfect, but I want people to, like, deal with their past traumas and heal themselves before, like, integrating into my realm, cause I'm really protective of my energy.

    - 完璧な人じゃなくちゃいけないとは思わないけど、過去のトラウマとちゃんと向き合って、きちんと立ち直ってほしいと思います。僕の領域に入ってくる前にね。僕は自分のエネルギーを大事にしたいと強く思っているから。

  • Like, I don't even hug people, so why would I date somebody that's not ready to, like, grow with me?


  • I think I just need to work on myself right now.

    ‐ 今は自分自身のことを一生懸命やる必要があると思ってます。

  • I think I just need to, like, find myself a little bit.


  • For the past two years, I've really been, like, thinking about me and, like, what do I need from myself, and what work do I have to do for me first

    ‐ この 2 年間は、自分について真剣に考えました。あと、自分に何が必要なのか、自分のためにまずすべきことは何なのかって。

  • And then maybe I'll meet somebody.


  • Before I was always in a relationship, back to back...


  • Never had a moment for myself.


  • Just focusing on, like, priorities that I should be focusing on.

    ‐ 自分が今力を注ぐべき、優先すべきことに集中しているから。

  • I work, I have a job.

    ‐ ボクは働いているし。仕事があるから。

  • So I'm trying to find somebody who's able to understand that.


  • But if someone's just like, "I've been texting you all day, like, where have you been?"


  • Like, it's not gonna work.


  • The people that I get in my DMs are crazy to even think that I would talk to them.

    ‐ DM で知り合った人とかと話すなんて、考えるだけでもどうかしてる。

  • I'm not gonna be rude about it, but it's just like, I'm not interested.


  • No, thank you.


  • You see me, you see you, like, no thank you.


  • I'm always on ten, I'm always on goal.

    - 俺は常に全力なんです。いつも目標に向かってる。

  • And you... you have to be just as ambitious as me and trying to, you know, get your goals out there.


  • You know, I can't be stagnant.


  • That's never worked for me.


  • I don't do the boring suburban thing, where you date the same person forever and just go through the check-marks of life: kids, marriage.

    - 郊外でのんびりみたいな退屈なことはしません。1 人の人と永遠に付き合うとか。人生のチェックリストにあることをただやっていくみたいな。子供とか、結婚とかね。

  • I mean, there's no point for that.


  • Because you marry somebody, they're entitled to half your stuff.


Why am I single?

‐ どうして独り身かって?

審査済み この字幕は審査済みです

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