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  • I can help the next customer.

  • Hello.

  • Good morning, can I please see your passport?

  • Ah yes, here you are.

  • Thank you very much.

  • Okay Mr. Maguire,

  • so you are heading to LAX is your final destination.

  • Do you have any checked luggage?

  • Yes I have one checked bag.

  • Okay please place it on the scale here.

  • Okay do you have any seating preferences?

  • Ah yes, I prefer an aisle seat please.

  • An aisle seat, okay,

  • and here is your boarding pass.

  • You will be departing at 12:15, boarding is 15 minutes prior.

  • Okay, sounds great.

  • Any questions?

  • Uh yeah, where is security?

  • Security, you will proceed this way and it will be on your right.

  • Okay, thank you so much.

  • Okay, have a great flight.

I can help the next customer.


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空港 (airport)

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