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  • Marty: Do you mind if we...

  • ...park...

  • ...for a while?

  • Loraine: That's a great idea. I'd love to park.

  • Marty: Huh...

  • Loraine: Well, Marty, I'm almost eighteen-years-old...

  •'s not like I've never parked before.

  • Marty: What...

  • Loraine: Marty, you seem so nervous, is something wrong?

  • Marty: No...

  • No...

  • Loraine, Loraine, what are you doing?

  • Loraine: I swiped it from the old lady's liquor cabinet.

  • Marty: Yeah well...

  • shouldn't drink.

  • Loraine: Why not?

  • Marty: Because, you...

  • might regret it...

  • ...later in life.

  • Loraine: Marty, don't be such a square.

  • Everybody who's anybody drinks.

  • Marty: Jesus, you smoke too?

  • Loraine: Marty, you're beginning to sound just like my mother.

  • Marvin Barry: We're gonna take a little break but we'll be back in a while so...

  • ...don't nobody go no where.

  • Loraine: Marty, why are you so nervous?

  • Marty: Loraine...

  • ...have you ever...

  • ...uh...

  • ...been in a situation where you know you had to act a certain...

  • ...way but when you got there, you didn't know if you could go through with it?

  • Loraine: Oh, you mean how you're supposed to act on a first date.

  • Marty: Ah well..

  • ...sort of.

  • Loraine: I think I know exactly what you mean.

  • Marty: You do?

  • Loraine: You know what I do in those situations?

  • Marty: What?

  • Loraine: I don't worry.

  • This is all wrong.

  • I don't know what it is...

  • ...but when I kiss you...

  •'s like I'm kissing...

  • brother.

  • I guess that doesn't make any sense, does it?

  • Marty: Believe me...

  • makes perfect sense.

  • Lorraine: Who's coming...

  • Biff: You cost three-hundred bucks damage to my car, you son-of-a-bitch.

  • And I'm gonna take it out of your ass.

  • Hold him.

  • Loraine: Let him go, Biff, you're drunk!

  • Biff: Well look what we have here?

  • No, no...

  •'re staying right here with me.

  • Loraine: Stop it!

  • Biff: C'mon, Loraine!

  • Loraine: Let me go!

  • Marty: Leave her alone, you bastard!

  • Biff: You guys, take him in back and I'll be right there.

  • C'mon.

  • Well go on, this ain't no peep show.

  • Skinhead: Let's put him in there.

  • 3-D: Yeah.

  • Skinhead: That's for messing up my hair.

  • Starlighter: The hell you doing to my car?

  • 3-D: Hey beat it, spook, this don't concern you.

  • Marvin Barry: Who are you calling spook, pecker-wood?

  • Skinhead: Hey, hey listen guys.

  • Look, I don't wanna mess with no reefer addicts, okay?

  • Marvin: Get home to your mom!

  • Marty: Hey!

  • Let me out of here!

  • Yo!

  • Marvin Barry: Lorenzo, where're your keys?

  • Marty: The keys are in the trunk.

  • Marvin Barry: Say that again.

  • Marty: I said the keys are in here.

Marty: Do you mind if we...


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バック・トゥ・ザ・フューチャー 前編:車の中のロレインとマーティ(1985年) [HD (Back to the Future, Part I: Lorraine and Marty in Car (1985) [HD])

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