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  • Marty: Wow!

  • They really cleaned this place up, looks brand new.

  • Doc: Now remember, according to my theory you interfered with with your parent's first meeting.

  • They don't meet, they don't fall in love, they won't get married and they wont have kids.

  • That's why your older brother's disappeared from that photograph.

  • Your sister will follow and unless you repair the damages, you will be next.

  • Marty: This sounds pretty heavy.

  • Doc: Weight has nothing to do with it.

  • Doc: Which one's your pop?

  • Marty: That's him.

  • George: Okay...

  • ...okay you guys...

  • ...oh ha ha ha, very funny.

  • Hey you guys are being real mature.

  • Doc: Maybe you were adopted.

  • George: Okay, real mature guys.

  • Okay, Biff, will you pick up my books?

  • Strickland: McFly.

  • Marty: That's Strickland.

  • Jesus, didn't that guy ever have hair?

  • Strickland: Shape up, man.

  • You're a slacker. You wanna be a slacker for the rest of your life?

  • George: No.

  • Doc: What did your mother ever see in that kid?

  • Marty: I don't know, Doc, I guess she felt sorry for him cause her did hit him with the car...

  • ...hit me with the car.

  • Doc: That's a Florence Nightingale effect.

  • It happens in hospitals when nurses fall in love with their patients.

  • Go to it, kid.

  • Marty: Hey George...

  • ...buddy...

  • I've been looking all over for you.

  • You remember me, the guy who saved your life the other day.

  • George: Oh, yeah.

  • Marty: Good, there's somebody I'd like you to meet.

  • Lorraine.

  • Lorraine: Calvin!

  • Marty: I'd like you to meet my good friend George McFly.

  • George: Hi...

  •'s really a pleasure to meet you.

  • Loraine: How's your head?

  • Marty: Well uh, good, fine.

  • Loraine: Oh, I've been so worried about you ever since you ran off the other night.

  • Are you okay?

  • I'm sorry I have to go.

  • Girl: Come on!

  • Isn't he a dream boat?

  • Marty: Doc, she didn't even look at him.

  • Doc: This is more serious than I thought.

  • Apparently your mother is amorously infatuated with you instead of your father.

  • Marty: Whoa, wait a minute, Doc, are you telling me that my mother...

  • ...has got the hots for me?

  • Doc: Precisely.

  • Marty: Whoa, this is heavy.

  • Doc: There's that word again, heavy.

  • Why are things so heavy in the future. Is there a problem with the Earth's gravitational pull?

  • Marty: What?

  • Doc: The only way we're gonna get those two to successfully meet is if they're alone together.

  • So you've got to get your father and mother to interact at some sort of social...

  • Marty: What, well you mean like a date?

  • Doc: Right.

  • Marty: What kind of date?

  • I don't know, what do kids do in the fifties?

  • Doc: Well, they're your parents, you must know them.

  • What are there common interests. What do they like to do together?

  • Marty: Nothing.

  • Doc: Look!

  • ...there's a rhythmic ceremonial ritual coming up.

  • Marty: Of course, the Enchantment Under The Sea Dance they're supposed to go to this...

  • ...that's where they kiss for the first time.

  • Doc: Alright kid.

  • You stick to your father like glue and make sure that he takes her to the dance.

Marty: Wow!


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バック・トゥ・ザ・フューチャー 前編 ヒルバレー高校 (1985) [HD] (Back to the Future, Part I: Hill Valley High School (1985) [HD])

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