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  • Hey is this yours?

  • (Holds up iguana)

  • -I

  • is this your iguana?

  • h e l l o

  • I just found it here

  • (Don't steal iguanas, that's rude)

  • Uh it's not mine

  • so...

  • He's lost as hell man.

  • H e l l o

  • Hey well if you find the owner

  • Plop

  • Hey well if you find the owner

  • just let them know

  • that I have him

  • so they don't get worried

  • ya know

  • uuuh

  • Okay, well that's it

  • bye

  • And now to introduce you to my new now to intorduce you to my new

  • puppet

  • Hey what's goin on gramma

  • Grandma: just pretend I said something funny about 7 meatballs

  • (laughing) 7 MEATBALLS??

  • Classic Grandma move

  • (As he speaks to his meatball making mommas mom, the puppet gains sentience and coughs as he is not used to human air)

  • I can't get enough of you grandma

  • (unrelenting coughing)

  • I love you

  • huh

  • cough

  • cough

  • shocked coughing puppet noise

  • Let me call you back

  • aah

  • aaah

  • aaaah

  • aaaaah


  • I'll KILL YOU

  • Throwing noise

  • Take it easy bro

  • gahahahaha

  • What the f* bro

  • (as soon as he's about to swear he chokes on his own spit)

  • fight me bit-

  • Wow, sorry for the scuffle back there

  • Yeah, I was cranky

  • Yeah well, tell them why

  • I didn't shave properly

  • Well thank god that this video is sponsored by manscaped

  • (raid shadow legends)

  • Well thank god that this video is sponsored by manscaped

  • Manscaped?

  • Yeah, they're helping dudes like you and me take care of our precious bods

  • My body is a temple

  • They have slick technology to make sure that you safely trim.

  • No more ouchie booboos

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  • use code COOLMAN on

  • And we thank them very much for sponsoring this video.

  • Okay, for real though I really am sorry about the dishes

  • Yeah, we need to talk about that. I think you need therapy.

  • You know what I really do

Hey is this yours?


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これはあなたのイグアナですか? (Is This Your Iguana?)

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