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  • [VitaminWater is offering $100,000 to someone who gives up smartphones for a year.]

    【VitaminWaterは、1 年間スマホを手放す人に、10 万ドルを提供している。】

  • I am going to be doing a shortened version of the "VitaminWater challenge".

    「VitaminWater チャレンジ」の短縮版をやります。

  • And instead of giving up my iPhone for an entire year, I'm going to be giving it up for just a week, which I think it's gonna feel like much longer than it is.

    iPhone を 1 年間手放す代わりに、1 週間だけ手放すつもりです。それは、本来よりも長く感じるのではないかと思います。

  • And instead of using a regular smartphone like I normally do, I'm going to be using a flip phone instead.


  • And this is my Tracfone that I got for 13 USD at Best Buy and it calls and texts and that's pretty much it.

    そして、これは Best Buy で 13 ドルで手に入れた Tracfone です。電話とテキストメッセージができるくらいのものです。

  • So on any given week I use my one iPhone for about ten to 20 different things.

    1 週間に私は 1 台の iPhone を約 10〜20 種類の用途に使用しています。

  • But to replace my smartphone for even just one week it requires all of these different things.

    しかし、スマートフォンの代わりをたった 1 週間取って代わるには、これらのさまざまなものがすべて必要となるのです。

  • I have my book, my physical alarm clock, cash, stopwatch, a flip phone to call and texts, my iPod video, my recorder, hand-drawn maps and of course my desktop phone.

    本に、普通のアラーム時計、現金、ストップウォッチ、電話とテキストメッセージができる折りたたみ携帯、iPod ビデオ、レコーダー、手書きの地図、そしてもちろんデスクトップ用の電話があります。

  • [Morning routine] So one morning during my week without a smartphone, I accidentally turned my alarm clock off, instead of pressing the snooze button.

    【朝のルーティン】スマートフォンのない 1 週間のある朝、スヌーズボタンを押さずに、誤って目覚まし時計をオフにしてしまいました。

  • And normally on my iPhone I have like three backup alarms set but I don't have any of those and so I ended up being late to work.

    そして通常、私の iPhone には 3 つのバックアップアラームが設定されていますが、それらのいずれもなかったので、仕事に遅れる結果となりました。

  • So I do physical therapy stretches every morning and normally as my phone as a timer, and this week, I had to use an actual stopwatch.


  • [At work] So I normally use an app on my phone record interviews but this week I had to use my desktop phone and a physical recorder to be able to do it.


  • I don't know how to do this.


  • I was surprisingly difficult to be able to a, track someone down who had and I could borrow and b, know how to set it up and connect everything correctly.


  • I'm going out to dinner tonight at a ramen restaurant in midtown and I kind of know how to get there but I don't exactly know how to get there.


  • [Getting around] So getting around the city was quite the process as I had to physically hand draw maps to give me directions.


  • And I need to go that way.


  • And even though New York City is a grid system and it was pretty easy, I still got turned around a few times.


  • Oh no, wait, no, this way!


  • [Going out with friends] At brunch, one of my friends offered to put our entire bill on her credit card and just have everyone pay her back and because I don't have access to Venmo this week, I had to scrounge around for cash, which I normally don't keep on hand.

    【友達とのおでかけ】ブランチで、友人の 1 人がすべての請求を彼女のクレジットカードで支払って、みんなに返済してもらうように提案しました。今週私は、Venmo にアクセスできないため、通常は手元にない現金を求めて、探し回らなければなりませんでした。

  • Time to pay for brunch.


  • I felt so disconnected from my friends throughout this whole challenge.


  • I wasn't able to contribute to group chats; I wasn't able to give my thoughts or ideas of making plans.


  • Even when I hosted a game night, my friends hammered out all the details amongst themselves in a group chat and then just relayed it to me about a party happening at my house!


  • Texting might have been the worst part of the entire thing. It took forever to type out even just one text.

    テキストメッセージは、このチャレンジ全体で最悪な部分だったかもしれません。1 つのメッセージを打つのに、永遠に時間がかかりました。

  • Gotta finish this text.


  • I did not miss social media at all.


  • And despite some hiccups getting used to the end-all technology, it was not nearly as annoying as I expected it to be.


  • I loved not being available 24/7 and I was 100 percent present in every moment.

    年中無休(24時間・7日)対応できるわけではないこと、100 % どんなときでも対応できるわけではないことが、とても気に入りました。

  • I would never do this again because the problem is the sense of isolation.


  • From now on, I plan to limit the amount of time I spend just mindlessly scrolling.


  • But I'm not willing to sacrifice the sense of connection and being able to keep in touch with my friends and family.


  • Still texting.


  • And still texting.


  • I miss having autocorrect.


[VitaminWater is offering $100,000 to someone who gives up smartphones for a year.]

【VitaminWaterは、1 年間スマホを手放す人に、10 万ドルを提供している。】

審査済み この字幕は審査済みです

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スマホがない人生|VitaminWater チャレンジ(Life Without A Smartphone – Vitaminwater Challenge)

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