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  • The Portuguese capital Lisbon,


  • lies on the Western Iberian Peninsula,


  • where the Tagus River meets the Atlantic Ocean.


  • Settled almost 3000 years ago,

    3,000 年ほど前に作られ

  • the city predates Rome, Paris and London by centuries,

    ローマ パリ ロンドンより 古い歴史があります

  • and possesses an epic narrative to match.

    その豊かな歴史も魅力の 1 つです

  • From its early days as a Phoenician outpost


  • to it's expansion into a 16th century trading giant,

    16 世紀には一大交易拠点となり

  • from the Great Earthquake of 1755

    1755 年 大地震の被害に遭いましたが

  • to its glorious reconstruction,


  • Lisbon has long been a city of shifting fortunes.


  • For much of the 20th century the city floundered,


  • but the winds of fate have again shifted in Lisbon's favour.

    20 世紀を経て 再び よみがえりました

  • No longer a place of faded glory,


  • 21st century Lisbon is again a place of possibilities.

    21 世紀のリスボンは可能性に満ちています

  • This is a city whose journey has forever been tied to the sea,

    ここは海洋と 深い結びつきがある街

  • so it's not surprising that many of her most important landmarks

    そのため多くの重要な建物は 沿岸にそびえています

  • can be found along the waterfront.


  • Rising from the banks of the Tagus River,


  • the fortified elegance of the Torre de Belem stands as a reminder

    ベレンの塔は ポルトガル黄金期の美しい要塞

  • of Portuguese prestige and power in days of old.


  • Just upriver, rises the Monument of The Discoveries,


  • which celebrates the nation's most revered seafarers,


  • such as Prince Henry The Navigator, Vasco da Gama, and Ferdinand Magellan.

    エンリケ航海王子やヴァスコ ダ ガマ マゼランなどの像が並んでいます

  • Climb to the rooftop and look down upon the Mapa Mundi below,

    頂上から下に見えるのは マッパ ムンディ

  • which charts the routes and discoveries of Portugal's intrepid mariners.

    ポルトガルの航海者がたどった 航路を示す世界地図です

  • Nearby, continue your voyage into Lisbon's seafaring past

    さらにリスボンの 航海史をたどって

  • at the Jeronimos Monastery.


  • Vasco da Gama spent his last night in prayer on this site,

    元は 1497 年にヴァスコ ダ ガマが 東方に出航する前夜に

  • before departing on his epic voyage to the Orient in 1497.

    祈りを捧げた 場所でした

  • The vast monastery that stands today


  • was funded by the incredible wealth da Gamma's spice routes brought to the city.

    ガマが持ち帰った香辛料の 莫大な利益で建築されました

  • This vast monastery complex is also home to the city's maritime museum,

    広大な施設内には 海洋博物館も併設され

  • which preserves relics from Portugal's Golden Age of Sail.

    大航海時代のポルトガル黄金期を 今に伝えています

  • In the early 1800s,

    19 世紀初頭には

  • Portugal's rulers forced the resident monks to vacate their beloved monastery.

    ポルトガルの当時の統治者が 修道士たちを追放

  • Destitute, the monks sold a prized possession


  • their secret egg tart recipe.

    エッグ タルトの秘伝レシピを売り渡すことに

  • Five generations later,

    5 世代が過ぎた今

  • the neighbouring Belem Patisserie serves over twenty thousand pastel de nata

    近隣のベレン洋菓子店が扱う パステル デ ナタは

  • to sweet-toothed devotees each day,

    日に 2 万個売れる人気のお菓子です

  • and the recipe remains a guarded secret to this day.

    秘伝のレシピは 現在まで受け継がれています

  • Once you've stocked up on the world's finest pastel de nata,

    世界一のパステル デ ナタで お腹を満たしたら

  • set sail to the newest horizons in creativity

    芸術 建築 技術の博物館 MAAT へ

  • at The Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology.


  • Further upriver,


  • the Portuguese love of the sea continues at the city's acclaimed Oceanario,

    この国と海のさらなるつながりを発見できる 人気の水族館があります

  • where hundreds of species glide by in a celebration of the global ocean.

    世界中の海から集められた 数百種もの生物たちがいます

  • From here, climb aboard the cable car and glide upriver again,

    ケーブル カーに乗って さらに上流へ行くと

  • for birds-eye views of the city and the eleven-mile long,

    全長 17.2 km の橋を一望できます

  • Ponte Vasco da Gama, the longest bridge in Europe.

    ヨーロッパ最長のヴァスコ ダ ガマ橋です

  • The waterfront is also where you'll find the city's grand gateway,

    川を望む 大きな門が建つ

  • Praca do Comercio.


  • This great square in the centre of the Baixa District was once the home of the Royal Palace,

    バイシャ地区の中心にあたり 以前は宮殿があった場所です

  • until a fateful All-Saints Day in November 1755

    1755 年 11 月 1 日の大地震で

  • when a natural disaster changed Lisbon, and Europe, forever.

    リスボンもヨーロッパも 大きく変わりました

  • At the Lisbon Story Centre, feel the devastating tremors of that six-minute earthquake,

    リスボン ストーリー センターで その 6 分間の地震の揺れを体験できます

  • and the terror of the tsunami and five-day firestorm that followed.

    直後の津波と 5 日間に渡る火災の恐怖も再現

  • The earthquake obliterated 85% of the city,

    地震によって街の 85% が破壊されましたが

  • but with calamity, came opportunity.


  • Within a year, the rebuilding of Lisbon was well underway.

    地震から 1 年以内に リスボンの再建が進みました

  • Wide avenues replaced the medieval rabbit warrens of old,

    中世の古く入り組んだ路地は 広い道路となり

  • and a new style of elegant, earthquake-resistant architecture was born, Pombaline.

    耐震性のある優雅な ポンバル様式建築が生まれました

  • The earthquake also shook the city free from the religious dogma of old,

    地震の衝撃は 古い宗教観を変え

  • and from its cracks came the fresh new shoots of The Enlightenment.

    啓蒙思想家たちにも 新たな観点をもたらしました

  • Pass beneath the triumphal arch crowned with the figures of Glory, Valor and Genius,

    勝利の門を飾るのは 栄光 勇気 才能の像

  • a tribute to the city's swift reconstruction.


  • Then simply drift down Rua Augusta, and into another of Lisbon's great squares, the Rossio.

    アウグスタ通りの先には 二大広場の 1 つ ロシオ広場があります

  • If Praca do Comercio is the city's gateway, the Rossio is its heart.

    コメルシオ広場を玄関とすると ロシオ広場は街の心臓部と言えます

  • Since the middle ages, Lisbon's citizens have gathered here for bullfights and celebrations.

    リスボン市民は中世の頃から 闘牛や祭事のためここに集いました

  • Today, it's the perfect place to relax by the cool of its fountains

    今では憩いの場となり 涼しげな噴水や

  • and on the waves of its patterned pavement.


  • Lisbon belongs to that club of great cities which are defined by seven hills,

    リスボンは 7 つの丘の街 と言われています

  • so wherever you roam, eventually you'll find yourself going up to take in the views.

    ぶらぶらと歩けばすぐに 見晴らしの良い場所に行き着きます

  • Luckily, Lisboetas have come up with some innovative solutions

    リスボン市民が 考え出したのが

  • to save their legs on hot summer days.


  • From the Lower Town, ride the Elevador de Santa Justa, to the Barrio Alto District.

    サンタ ジュスタのリフトで 低地とバイロ アルト地区をつないだのです

  • Here you'll find the Convento do Carmo,


  • whose unrestored arches bare testament to the devastation

    1755 年から修復されずに 廃墟のまま残り

  • which befell the city in 1755.


  • Climb aboard Tram 28, which passes some of the cities most iconic sights.

    トラムの 28 番線からは リスボンらしい風景を楽しめます

  • Then from Portas do Sol, make the climb to Castelo de São Jorge.

    ポルタス ド ソル広場から坂を上って サン ジョルジェ城へ

  • From high on the battlements of this 11th century Moorish citadel

    11 世紀にはムーア人の要塞だった 建造物の眼下には

  • the red tiled roofs of Lisbon spread out before you,


  • stepping down to the lower town and the blue Tagus beyond.

    屋根は低地エリアへと続き その先にはテージョ川が見えます

  • You'll find trams rattling all over Lisbon,


  • but the most beloved of all is Gloria,


  • which runs between the Lower Town to Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcãntara,

    バイシャ地区と アルカンタラ展望台をつないでいます

  • the perfect place to watch the city light up at dusk with someone special.

    展望台では夕暮れ時の絶景が ロマンティック

  • Although the Great Earthquake reduced much of Lisbon to rubble and cinders,

    リスボンの大部分は大地震で 廃墟と化しましたが

  • the ancient suburb of Alfama was spared.


  • Lose yourself amid the ancient cobblestones and steps,

    石畳や階段で 入り組んだこの地区には

  • where cafes, bars and artisan shops have taken residence

    カフェやバー 工房が並びます

  • in the dockworkers homes of old.


  • Yet the area still retains its village atmosphere,


  • especially during the midsummer festivals when over 50 street parties

    夏祭り期間には あちこちで

  • pop up all over the city.


  • The Alfama is home to the Romanesque Towers of Lisbon's Cathedral,

    アルファマにはロマネスク建築の リスボン大聖堂もあります

  • whose walls date back to the second crusade

    壁は第 2 回十字軍の時代のもの

  • when the city was liberated from the Moors.


  • If the stones of Alfama could sing,


  • then surely it would be the bittersweet lament of the Fado.

    哀愁漂う ファドが有名です

  • At the Fado Museum, discover the traditional song of Portugal,

    ファド博物館で伝統的なポルトガルの 伝統的な歌謡を学んでみましょう

  • which originated in the bars and laneways of the Alfama.

    アルファマのバーや通りから生まれた 民族歌謡です

  • Then as the sun gets low, join locals in a fado bar

    日が沈んだら ファド バーへ

  • and listen as professional and up-and-coming fadistas

    ベテランや新進気鋭の ファド歌手が

  • sing the heartrending stories of the working class and the sea.

    労働者の暮らしや海の歌を 切々と歌い上げます

  • Lisbon's walls may not sing,


  • but the tiles which adorn them possess a music of their own.

    独特の美しいタイルで 飾られています

  • First introduced by the Arabs, over the centuries


  • the Portuguese have made the art of azulejo all their own.

    アズレージョはポルトガルで 生産されてきました

  • Housed in a former convent, the National Azulejo Museum

    国立アズレージョ博物館は 以前は修道院でした

  • celebrates the evolution of Portugal's tile-craft across the centuries,

    ポルトガルのタイル造りの 長い歴史を紹介しています

  • from the biblical tales of old to the new frontiers of tile design.

    聖書の場面を描いた古いものから 最新デザインのものまで見学できます

  • You'll find azulejo at every turn in Lisbon,


  • from the practical to the purely decorative,


  • but to see the Sistine Chapel of tiles,


  • head to the city's north, to Fronteira Palace.


  • Just to the east, at the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum,


  • you'll find another of the worlds' great collections.


  • The museum's six thousand art treasures and antiquities

    6,000 点もの 美術品は

  • represent a lifetime of acquisition by the oil magnate Gulbenkian,

    石油王グルベンキアンが 収集していたものです

  • Lisbon's love of creativity isn't just confined to her galleries;

    リスボンの創造への関心は 他の場所でも感じられます

  • you'll find it amid urban renewal projects like the LX Factory,

    都市再開発プロジェクトの 1 つ LX ファクトリーは

  • which has breathed new life into the city's fabric factories

    使われていなかった 繊維工場を

  • which fell silent long ago.


  • You'll find creativity on the communal tables of the Mercado da Ribeira,

    フード コートに生まれ変わった リベイラ市場にも注目

  • where some of the city's most innovative chefs and brewers reinterpret age-old traditions.

    人気のシェフや醸造所の手で 市場が現代的になりました

  • Lisbon has always been a city of discovery.


  • So when you're ready to explore a little further afield you'll find no end of adventure.

    少し遠出するだけで 見どころも無限大に広がります

  • Less than 20 miles west of the city is Cascais,

    約 30 km 西に位置するカスカイスは

  • an ancient fishing village that was woken from its slumber

    かつては静かな 漁村でした

  • when Lisbon's nobility discovered it's golden bays in the late 1800s.

    19 世紀に王族の避暑地となり 海辺のリゾートとして発展しました

  • Another playground for Portugal's Monarchs was Sintra,


  • the home of the Summer Palace.


  • A half hour drive to the northwest of Lisbon,

    リスボンから北東に車で 30 分

  • Sintra is more than a weekend destination;


  • it's a journey into a fairy tale.


  • Hans Christian Andersen fell under Sintra's spell,


  • returning time and time again,


  • calling it the most beautiful place in Portugal.


  • From Sintra it's just a short drive to the incredible coastline

    のどかな海岸線沿いを 車で少し行くと

  • of the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park.

    シントラ カスカイス自然公園があります

  • Spend a few days exploring some of Europe's most beautiful beaches,

    ヨーロッパ有数の 美しいビーチも並びます

  • such as Praia das Macas,


  • named after the apples which floated downriver


  • from nearby orchards and washed up upon its sands.

    リンゴ (マカス) が名前の由来

  • From here, venture southward and explore the remote beaches of Adraga and Ursa,

    南側には アドラガや ウルサというビーチがあり

  • where Atlantic waves have carved a dramatic coastline straight from Homer's Odyssey.

    ホメロスのオデュッセイアのような 壮大な風景が広がります

  • At Cape Roca, stand upon the cliff top,


  • which until the 14th century was considered the end of the world.

    14 世紀まで 最果ての地と考えられていました

  • Here, on the western-most point in mainland Europe,


  • 400 feet above the pounding Atlantic,

    海抜 120 m の崖に大西洋が打ち寄せます

  • it's easy to understand how Lisbon's seafarers were drawn

    かつての 航海者たちも

  • to see what lay over those far horizons.


  • Yet no matter what wonders they saw,


  • what riches they found,


  • they always yearned to return to their city,


  • Lisbon, the Queen of The Sea.

    それがリスボン 海の女王の街です

The Portuguese capital Lisbon,



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