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  • Just 3 hours from Miami and 8 from London,

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  • is Antigua, the largest island in the nation of Antigua and Barbuda.

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  • Whatever time zone you're coming from,

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  • the moment you set foot here, you're walking in island time.

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  • Christopher Columbus claimed this island for Spain when he sailed past in 1493,

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  • but he was in too much of a hurry to stop.

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  • Don't go making the same mistake he did,

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  • or you'll miss out on some of the best beaches and mellowest vibes the Caribbean has to offer. mountsftpcontentprojectmountprojecttypesgeneral

  • Antigua's capital is St John's,

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  • built by British traders 150 years after Columbus first rushed by.


  • High on the hill, The Big Church looks down upon a town of plantation shutters,

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  • iron roofs and colors as bright as our spirit.

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  • Mix up a little history and shopping,

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  • down by the city's quays,

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  • where old shop-houses have been given new life as cafes,

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  • bars and duty-free boutiques.

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  • Take a break from the noonday sun in the cool shade of the old Courthouse,

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  • now the home of the national museum.

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  • From the days of sugar and slaves,

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  • to cricketing legends,

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  • the story of Antigua is all here to touch and enjoy.

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  • Spend a lazy afternoon walking the ramparts

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  • of the harbor's fortifications,

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  • whose cannons made sure that pirates and other mischief-makers stayed well out to sea.

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  • When the hustle n bustle of St John's

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  • gets too much,

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  • there's a whole island waiting to meet you.

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  • Just to the north of St John's, you'll find Runaway Beach and Dickenson Bay.

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  • These beaches have everything a sophisticated beachcomber could need,

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  • from the purest sands, to some of the finest resorts in all the West Indies.

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  • And the sunsets are pretty fine too.

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  • On the island's Eastern side, spend an hour

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  • or two at Betty's Hope,

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  • the queen of all Antigua's sugar plantations.

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  • The island was once covered with over one hundred mills just like this,

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  • whose great sails turned slowly in the trade winds,

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  • each one crushing up to 200 tons of cane per week.

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  • A few miles east from Betty's Hope,

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  • feel the power of the trade winds again, at Devil's Bridge,

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  • a natural arch carved by Atlantic waves pushed all the way from Europe.

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  • When it's time for some gentle rhythms,

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  • cool off in the sheltered waters of neighboring Long Bay.

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  • Or let the breeze carry you further around the island,

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  • to curvaceous beauty spots like Half Moon Bay, and Mamora Bay.

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  • Sooner or later you'll wind up at English Harbor,

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  • once one of the Royal Navy's most important bases,

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  • today, the prettiest town in the island's south.

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  • Hi-Tech yachts have replaced the great ships of old,

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  • and the timber and gunpowder stores are now boutique hotels.

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  • But the smell of rum and tar still lingers around the Nelson's Dockyard,

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  • in the windlasses that pulled weary ships ashore for repair,

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  • and in the former officers' quarters which now celebrate the great age of sail.

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  • Head up the hill to Clarence House,

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  • and share the same views that admirals,

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  • governors, and visiting royalty once enjoyed.

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  • For even bigger views, keep climbing,

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  • to Shirley Heights.

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  • Once a place where lookouts scanned the horizon for prowling ships,

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  • today it's the perfect place to catch the breeze

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  • and think about your next swim.

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  • From English Harbor, back to St John's,

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  • it's just one perfect beach after another.

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  • Pigeon's Point Beach is alive with local laughter.

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  • Carlisle Beach comes straight from a dream.

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  • Turners Beach is as calm as the sea can be.

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  • And Valley Church Beach is like warm medicine for the soul.

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  • Some say there are 365 beaches in Antigua,

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  • one for each day of the year.

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  • But you won't see every beach, don't even try.

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  • Just take it eeeeasy, because the slower you move,

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  • the better you'll feel.

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  • And Antigua is all about feeling good.

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  • For thousands of years Antiguans have called this island, Waladli,

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  • which means "our place".

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  • So come, set your mind to island time,

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  • and make it your place too.

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Just 3 hours from Miami and 8 from London,

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