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  • to be or not to be that is the question

  • Romeo Romeo wherefore art thou Romeo

  • double double toil and trouble fire burn

  • and cauldron bubble these are just some

  • of the very famous lines from some very

  • famous plays written by one very famous

  • playwright and they were all originally

  • performed at one very famous theater the

  • globe the globe was first built in

  • London way way way back in 1599 by a

  • theatre company called the Lord

  • Chamberlain's Men and you've probably

  • heard of their playwright a guy called

  • William Shakespeare Shakespeare is a

  • bloke who 400 years ago sat down and

  • wrote a bunch of place and we're still

  • performing them today that none of

  • itself is an amazing thing yep and the

  • place that bloke wrote are some of the

  • most well known in history my favorite

  • would probably be back there Macbeth

  • handler Romeo and Juliet yeah I like

  • Romeo and Juliet because it's simple

  • everyone gets the idea of it and yeah

  • it's a cool story

  • another Shakespeare's plays continue to

  • inspire new movies all the time in fact

  • you've probably seen some of

  • Shakespeare's work without even

  • realizing

  • unfortunately the original globe burnt

  • down a few centuries ago they did build

  • another one though just around the

  • corner from the original which if you're

  • lucky enough you can visit one day and

  • see some of these iconic plays in action

  • but if you can't make it over there

  • don't worry because this guy has created

  • a full-size pop up version so

  • Australians can experience what it was

  • like to see a show back in Shakespeare's

  • day too so what we wanted to do was be

  • as close as possible in every way we

  • could to the experience of Shakespeare's

  • own theatre and what we found is that

  • when you replicate that experience boy

  • is it engaging it's a night like any

  • other

  • unforgettable there are a few big things

  • that make the globe really different to

  • anything you'd see today it has three

  • storeys of seating and can hold up to

  • 3,000 people but at the base of the

  • stage there's an area called the pit

  • where people stand and watch the

  • performance although there's also no

  • roof so if you're standing you might

  • want to bring an umbrella just in case

  • there's like a rock concert instead of a

  • conventional theater experience there's

  • nothing button-down about it it's closer

  • to footie match than a piece of theatre

  • it's fantastic it's having this entire

  • building filled with 900 people

  • screaming and yelling and booing and

  • whoring and covered in blood

  • wait did he say blood ah don't worry

  • it's all fake

  • the pop-up globe has been popping up

  • around the country and now it's popped

  • up in Sydney where these guys say

  • audiences are sure to get an awesome

  • shakespeareans

to be or not to be that is the question


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