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  • Just two hours north of Tokyo lies the often overlooked region of Chichibu.

  • Surrounded by abundant natural beauty, many come here to experience the connection between

  • nature and religion.

  • The area has three major shrines, and today we're going to visit all three.

  • Although today we'll be traveling by car, the Chichibu region is easily accessible from

  • Tokyo by a 90 minute limited express train ride operated by Seibu Railways which connects

  • Ikebukuro to Seibu Chichibu Station.

  • Our first stop of the day will be the remote Mitsumine Shrine which is in the mountains

  • and can be reached by bus from Seibu Chichibu Station.

  • Next we'll visit Chichibu Shrine which is close to the station

  • And finally we'll end the day at Hodosan Shrine which is about a twenty minute walk

  • from nearby Nagatoro Station.

  • My name is Raina Ong, staff writer for, and today I'm on assignment going to the three

  • major shrines of Chichibu.

  • We're at Mitsumine Shrine in the mountains and surrounded by nature

  • There are also stone statues of wolves or ookami along the approach as they are thought

  • to be protectors of the land and messengers of the gods.

  • One of Chichibu's meibutsu, or local specialty is soba.

  • And we're gonna have soba for lunch.

  • Chichibu Shrine has a history of over 2000 years.

  • It's also the main shrine for the annual Chichibu Night Festival which is always held in December

  • and one of Japan's top three festivals to feature floats.

  • So, not every shrine has this, but

  • this is kinda like the water omikuji

  • so there's nothing written on it now

  • but I'm going to put it in the stream

  • pond

  • behind

  • and we'll see what comes up.

  • As you can see, the water revealed my fortune

  • three out of five hearts, it's a pretty good fortune.

  • We're finally at Hodosan Shrine, which is our last stop of the day.

  • The gods enshrined here are supposed to protect one against theft, robberies and fires

  • But many people also come here to pray for prosperity, family safety as well as for love.

  • With this, we're going to drive off into the sunset.

  • I hope this video has been enjoyable and perhaps even inspires some ideas should you decide

  • to plan a trip to Chichibu.

  • For more information about Chichibu or to watch another video, click the links on the

  • screen now, or head over to, your comprehensive, up-to-date travel guide,

  • first-hand from Japan.

  • Thanks for watching, and be sure to subscribe for more videos about Japan.

  • Happy travels.

Just two hours north of Tokyo lies the often overlooked region of Chichibu.


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