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  • hey everyone Jennifer from Tarle Speech with your pronunciation question

  • recently I've had a lot of students from all different language backgrounds who

  • really have a lot of trouble with the T sound the SH sound and the CH sound

  • so we're going to look at all of those sounds today and I think this might give

  • some of you insight into why these sounds are so confusing

  • so our words today are two which 2 too & to are all pronounced the same I have a

  • video on how to pronounce these 3 words if you're interested I'll put the link

  • in the description we have the word shoe what you wear on your feet and then chew

  • which means to masticate your food all right so let's start with the word 2 to

  • say the let's start with that actually the ew sound here the vowel the vowel

  • is the same in all of these words which is really going to highlight the initial

  • sound so for the ew sound all you're going to do is really pucker your lips

  • for that ew and your tongue is going to be flat in the middle of your mouth and

  • everything's going to be tense your tongue and your lips and your mouth ew

  • this vowel is long and I always say to my students make sure that your vowels

  • at the end of words are a little bit longer that's really going to help you

  • because most of my students make vowels too short so we have the ew ew and ew so

  • for the T sound to make a T sound you're going to touch the tip of your tongue to

  • the back of your top front teeth most people can do this for the SH sound in

  • shoe your tongue is not touching your teeth your tongue is in the middle of

  • your mouth Shh behind your top front teeth it's pulled

  • a little bit back it's not where it is for the s sssss it's more back Shh and

  • you're gonna round your lips and when you round and pucker your lips this is

  • going to help your tongue get in the right spot because when you make your

  • mouth smaller by closing it or bigger by opening it there are only so many places

  • where your tongue to go so try that it usually works for people so again we

  • have t where we touch our teeth and Shh where we do not touch our teeth okay now

  • here's where the magic happens all right the set the T sound

  • plus the is SH sound pronounced very quickly together make the CH sound you

  • heard it correctly t plus SH make the CH sound another thing to keep in mind even

  • though I'm saying SH and CH sound there was really no H sound in there I'm

  • using these diagraphs or two letters that we typically write together to

  • represent these sounds because you really will see that a lot in American

  • and English spelling rather so again we have T plus s H equals CH so touch the

  • tongue for the T to the back of the top front teeth

  • pull it back for the SH and you have to ch ch chew so let's try those all too, shoe to shoe chew

  • chew shoe too and now for a sentence I had to not chew my gum when I asked the clerk

  • for two of the same shoe give it a try people are definitely going to notice

  • the difference if you found this helpful we'd love a like a share and a subscribe

  • check out our products on Google Play on iTunes and visit Tarle Speech for our class options

  • thank you all so much I'll see you again soon

hey everyone Jennifer from Tarle Speech with your pronunciation question


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シューシューtoo,to,to,twoの違い - 英語発音レッスン (Difference Between CHEW SHOE TOO, TO, TWO - English Pronunciation Lesson)

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