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  • Hello.

  • I'm Julian Norfolk, doing english dot com Randy Porsche The something dead now, actually, for about a decade, American computer scientist famously said, If you don't get the fundamentals right, the fantasy stuff isn't going to block.

  • Nothing could be further from the truth.

  • Really, When it comes to anything in kind of skill, any kind of activity, any kind of pursuit, we haven't taken the time to master the fundamentals.

  • The anything that you layer on top of that really just isn't gonna work very well.

  • This is especially true for something like speaking English.

  • Second language.

  • Ah, lot of people will make the mistake of believing that because they've got to a certain point if they want to go beyond that.

  • If they want to reach the so called advanced stage of speaking English as a second language, what they need to do is start to study advanced English.

  • Big, complicated sounding words, rare grammar constructions and what they actually do is completely the opposite of what they're intending to do.

  • They actually make themselves just sound confusing and actually show themselves up as normal native speakers of English on sound Maura Unnatural than they did in the first place because not only are they using these big, complicated words that even a lot of native speakers really aren't sure about sure abound and grammar constructions that are pretty rare, which means they end up sounding unnatural as well.

  • But because they haven't mastered the fundamentals that he also make a lot of mistakes that are very, very basic and again just really just show themselves up being far, far lower level than they want to be.

  • Advanced knowledge is not about learning advanced stuff or put it another way.

  • A basic knowledge off advanced English does not make you advanced on advanced knowledge of basic English does nail down the fundamentals really mastered the basics, and that will take you much, much further.

  • Case in point.

  • This is just a example, because unless you're already a member, you don't have access to this.

  • But recently, in my extraordinary English speakers group, where every week I do a new lesson to to study, basically, we take dialogues and conversations and light analyze those in minute detail, explaining all the phrases Nick brightness, the chunks of English on the social dynamics that are happening between people and how they are using language to do certain things.

  • In most conversations on recently, I've been working on a new Siri's that I am tentatively loosely calling an advanced look at the basics.

  • And when we did the 1st 1 which was essentially a conversation between a person in the supermarket and the lady on the till, that's the that the rigid registered that check out for those of you in the US, I guess we call it check out here and in Ireland, the UK as well.

  • But on the till, on a couple of my members commented, When I reversal this lesson, I fought Judum.

  • What?

  • What are you doing?

  • This is far below us.

  • This is far too basic First line.

  • We don't need a lesson that teaches you how to speak English, like in the supermarket.

  • But those same people said that one that you went through the lesson on.

  • They realized just how deep and some of the subtle things that were doing in those conversations that they never knew about, never noticed previously that they realized that actually, the even these basic conversations go much, much, much deeper.

  • Van you would actually first realize because native speakers are doing a lot of things in conversations.

  • Very, very subtle things to build report with other people, to make connections with other people to again do certain things in conversations and language is a huge part of how we do this.

  • So understanding what people are saying and really knowing how to understand them and engage with them in conversation.

  • That's two very, very different things.

  • And just learning a load off fancy sounding words ain't gonna help you to do that.

  • No, it's about nailing them, mastering the fundamentals.

  • And only then can you start toe layer or on Maury difficult sounding stuff, knowing when it's appropriate to do so and exactly what it's going to do in that conversation.

  • So if you want to speak advanced English master, the basics mastered the fundamentals.

  • Now, if you're interested extraordinary English speakers, if you don't know how to join already, you're probably not eligible.

  • You've got to finish my master and distressed accelerated course before you conjoined extraordinaire English, because really, it's the graduate program.

  • It's for people who graduate metha on want continued help support lessens over time from May.

  • However, if you're interested in Metha or you're interested in my lessons, courses, methods in general.

  • Head over to doing english dot com slash free training and check out my free introductory training, which is really just gonna teach you, I guess the fundamentals off everything that I teach in my courses that's doing english dot com slash free training This is me, Judy in Northbrook signing out from this video Bab I still is there.



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