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  • My mom told me.

  • Don't get a poor performance.

  • Whatever you do, just do it by the O around.

  • Trying to figure out what my cousins or prison with me go.

  • There was selling British, which I wouldn't do that shit.

  • I would have been for the guys.

  • That was 17.

  • I've been on a house in Houston in the meantime, told my time in New York about proceeds.

  • Western nation don't even know nopales.

  • I just want you on my new grouping for my chance and layoffs.

  • I'm I just stand up and go crazy.

  • Someone make the layup.

  • Wait.

  • Scratch your ship for you.

  • Gotta pay us better Pale.

  • Yeah.

  • No, you might not be the total lawyer.

  • Go for like, Oh, no problem without *** out.

  • Got womens ball stuff got being spread around my truck.

  • I reckon it's been giving that my respect.

  • Get respect in every city *** know I came over and I came back to the slums of getting fucked around.

  • Got put in on buying our every minute down my little brother been You know that They give me Uh huh.

  • Wait.

  • I can't skipping walkie on Theo.

  • Tell me.

  • Push it down.

  • But I want you wanted not Mommy.

  • I'm not being funny.

  • New us don't read today.

  • You told me on erection all does it.

  • And photo me A Nope.

  • Levin.

  • And with nobody controlling me, I'm gonna Brown.

  • It's good timing and a hold on me by the maid.

  • Backbench truck.

  • I'm trying to buy one.

  • I told the shot.

  • Just let bygones be bygones.

  • Ted Affairs, Get out my dick.

  • I don't got a bike.

  • Us, They've got the right one.

  • Okay, I cannot boggy.

My mom told me.


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リルベイビー - オールイン (Lil Baby - All In)

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