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  • so far behind.

  • We lost so much time in spring, okay?

  • Going into a cot when everything's frozen.

  • This is a lesson on how not mine.

  • Parker Schnabel is chasing a 6000 downs, $7.2 million season gold.

  • But after a failed attempt at mining his own ground, he's three weeks behind schedule and struggling.

  • This road is just kind of a smash and grab anything else with Susan well over 200 doing This is not nearly Lucifer's running the Onley Peter in the entire cut, but Parker's running out of thought.

  • Mrs Rosen, that's all full of massive trauma like that can go through the plan.

  • Parker's season plan.

  • Open a monster cut twice the size of Ellis Island between his two wash plants.

  • Get to the gold rich paydirt.

  • Parker's crew must first ripped through 20 feet of frozen overburden to melt it.

  • They can then strip away material to expose the gravels beneath where the gold is concentrating.

  • Well, because you can see we have three does was ready.

  • I mean, that's crazy, costly to do, but there's a hell of a lot of permafrost.

  • It's a real pain in the ass.

  • Gold rush.

so far behind.


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フローズングラウンドで、パーカーは予定より遅れている|ゴールドラッシュ (With Frozen Ground, Parker is Behind Schedule | Gold Rush)

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