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  • Zelina Vega, the Crafty superstar all in trying to set up,

  • look at this submission attempt in the ropes.

  • And Zelina Vega using a of the referees,

  • five counts to inflict damage so Bianca Belair.

  • >> Let's not forget something we don't see Zelina Vega in action often here.

  • Now the cover and kick out.

  • We'll see Zelina Vega in action often.

  • >> Zelina can deliver inside the ring as she is doing right now

  • against Bianca Belair.

  • >> Off the DDT, could this put away Belair?

  • And, no, a kick out by the EST of WWE.

  • Five.

  • >> Get on her, get on her.

  • >> And now Zelina Vega, look at this, very creative by Vega.

  • Both these superstars competing in the 2020 Women's Royal Rumble match earlier

  • on this year.

  • Byron, your point about Vega, she is a Is coming in the ring and she is out of it.

  • Vega trying to use those smarts to slow down Bianca Belair who is displaying

  • just how resilient and powerful she is.

  • Now, readjusting the body of Zelina into a suplex.

  • >> [SOUND] >> That was a little unnerving.

  • >> Montez Ford loving what his wife Bianca Belair is doing.

  • Kick right to the face by Vega.

  • >> Zelina perched on the middle rope there and gets caught.

  • Look at the power, the strength of Bianca Belair.

  • That is impressive.

  • >> Bianca Belair is a special athlete.

  • >> [APPLAUSE] Yes, yes, yes!

  • >> Now Bianca Belair on the move.

  • >> You gotta stay down.

  • Like that.

  • It is not going like that.

  • [CROSSTALK] That is- >> And

  • Austin Theory was trying to slow up Belair, and here comes Ford and Dawkins.

  • >> That's a Austin problem, going after Theory and Garza,

  • right in the middle of The ring.

  • >> Ring the bell, ring the bell.

  • >> And this has gotten completely out of hand, once again, the official call for

  • the bell.

  • >> Tensions are just so high between all six of these superstars, and once again,

  • another disqualification.

  • >> That's enough,that's it.

  • >> [CROSSTALK] >> I mean we're just one day removed

  • from the prestigeous Wrestle Mania 36.

  • And man my brother is here, my wife is here,

  • so how about we just make this a family affair and

  • just do three [FOREIGN] against three.

  • >> Come on.

Zelina Vega, the Crafty superstar all in trying to set up,


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ビアンカ・ベレールvsゼリナ・ベガ:2020年4月6日の生放送 (Bianca Belair vs. Zelina Vega: Raw, April 6, 2020)

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