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  • around the world tonight.

  • Millions of people finding ways to celebrate Easter tonight on the holiest day of the year for Christians around the world.

  • Thes solemn images from the Vatican.

  • Pope Francis addressing a nearly empty ST Peter's Basilica, calling on the faithful to spread a new type of contagion when he calls Ah, contagion of hope Around the world, cathedrals usually filled to the brim on Easter, deserted in Spain, Bolivia, Australia, striking images of empty pews.

  • Instead, parishioners watching live streams from the safety of their homes.

  • On across Italy.

  • Ah, country devastated by the Corona virus, signs that contagion of hope is spreading.

  • Priests taking to the rooftops.

  • Parishioners listening from a safe distance on their balconies.

  • Aziz a raise.

  • An opera singer, Andrea Bocelli, holding a concert he called music for hope from an emptied uomo in Milan, the performance going viral, his voice filling the void across images of empty cityscapes.

  • The goal, he said, Toe hug.

  • This wounded earth's pulsing heart.

  • The messages of hope Tonight Hi everyone, George Stephanopoulos here.

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around the world tonight.


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世界中のキリスト教徒がイースターを祝う (Christians around the world celebrate Easter)

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