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  • A few years ago I came across these commercially available E.E.G. headsets, NeuroSky, these

  • As part of my company that I was running at the time

  • We started experimenting with different games and different things to do with them

  • but the main thing that we started doing is like

  • taking edits, taking video edits

  • and then dropping them into a program that would allow the view to cut basically.

  • We're using like just stuff off the cutting room floor really.

  • This was a different way of making a film as I usually do

  • usually like you script it, and you storyboard it and go out and shoot it.

  • This one was made specifically with the interactivity of the film in mind.

  • We had to do like four different treatments from the script

  • and then also in editing I usually

  • you

  • I take the viewer on and journey in the edit and you choose very

  • succinctly, when, what they see when they see it

  • And this, the creativity that you would put in the edit that gets passed off onto the viewer

  • Interviewer: How does it work from a technical point of view?

  • This sits on your head

  • electrical signals from your brain and also from your skin it gets filtered out and sent via Bluetooth

  • We've got a Python program here.

  • Interviewer: So that's live Data now

  • Yeah, it's just getting like fuzz at the minute

  • (Quietly to self) Just stick this on.

  • So, as a I put it on

  • The signal quality should drop to zero and that means I've got a good

  • connection with the data coming out

  • so you can see in the background the film's playing

  • as I blink it's cutting

  • As you can see as I blend between two layers

  • that's my attention going from high to low

  • You see if I blink, you'll see this blink coming up.

  • When I press play it fires off four videos at once, they're all playing in sync.

  • And when I blink it chooses a set of two videos to play.

  • When it's playing those two videos, the attention is changing the blending between those two videos.

  • When I blink it will jump to the other two videos.

  • Blending between those.

  • At the same time meditation is controlling the mix of the music

  • so the higher my meditation level the more levels of the music.

  • So the data is coming from the headset via Bluetooth to the computer

  • then our Python program is picking that data up

  • send it via OSC (Open Sound Control)

  • to MaxMSP, which is a program a lot of artists use code.

  • It's a visual programming language

  • It looks a lot like this

  • So the data comes in here from the headset

  • It's receiving the blink, the attention, the meditation

  • It's coming down there to blink to cut between scenes.

  • and then over here the the meditation has been

  • scaled to the four audio levels, so we can see

  • So my meditations about 50% here.

  • That one's going up a bit.

  • You just like add these patch cords together

  • so there's there's my meditation point for it's between zero and one so I've got that number

  • This bot- This number here, so you can see it's

  • 35 which is round about here?

  • And it's going up, 66.

  • Interviewer: Do you find some people are more in control of their brains than others?

  • Yeah totally and like I've had a few people who do a lot of meditation in the morning

  • they are really able to control the meditation aspect of it, most people can't control that at all

  • The biggest differences of people, [is] how people want to control the film

  • some people want to experience a film

  • some people want to control it

  • and a few

  • Group experiences where there was like one person who just wanted to see their feedback

  • And they made this crazy film that just really hurt other people's heads

  • so this was initially designed as a one-person experience

  • initially we had a lot a little tent and you went in and just watched it by yourself

  • when we took on tour we found that people would have a little bit.... (fades out)

A few years ago I came across these commercially available E.E.G. headsets, NeuroSky, these


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