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  • Good morning Hank, it's Tuesday. Greetings from the floor of a hotel room in New York City.

  • Congratulations on your book!

  • It is just so, so brilliant. It really is the best book I've read about what "now" feels like.

  • And it's also like a rip-roaring adventure story

  • To be honest when you first told me you were writing a book part of me was like I'm gonna

  • Have to be the big brother in this situation advising him on writing and stuff

  • But in the end I can offer you no writing advice at all, only congratulations

  • In part because our styles are so different.

  • For instance, your book like has a proper plot.

  • But, but Hank! You have to improve your self-promotion.

  • I mean you made a 3 minute and 47 second video about your book

  • In which you failed to mention the title of your book

  • Which by the way is An Absolutely Remarkable Thing

  • It comes out on September 25th and is available for pre-order now.

  • Say it with me Hank, An Absolutely Remarkable Thing comes out September 25th

  • And is available for pre-order now. When you are talking about your new book

  • Even if you are talking to your spouse or your cat

  • Always include those three pieces of information: title, pub date, available for pre-order now.

  • Also you didn't talk much about the plot of the book and I definitely understand the urge

  • To avoid spoilers but the premise is so, so good.

  • Alright, check this out. A 23-year-old graphic designer is walking home

  • From a very late night at work when she happens across a ten-foot tall,

  • Seemingly immovable sculpture of like a samurai warrior.

  • She names the sculpture Karl in a YouTube video she makes with her friend and then wakes up

  • The next morning wildly famous, in part because the YouTube video was charming and funny,

  • And in part because 50 other Karls have appeared all over Earth at the exactly the same time.

  • And from there it just gets amazing. It is the story of one woman's

  • Ascent, or possibly descent, into fame and punditry

  • And an exploration of how humans behave when faced with big shared challenges.

  • Now Hank, I don't want to criticizes your promo game too much

  • Because you are a good person who understandably doesn't want

  • To bombard our audience with marketing, but this isn't like an ad

  • For Squarespace, which by the way is your #1 one stop shop for websites like

  • You've been working on this book for years, and people want to know about it.

  • Obviously Vlogbrothers shouldn't become like a book-Tube channel

  • Devoted only to the one book, but do let us know when like there's a cover. God I cannot

  • Wait for the cover! Also, are you going on tour and can I come and can we have a bus

  • Again? Okay lastly, and maybe most importantly, in you announcement video you said this:

  • -Not all pre-orders will be signed.

  • John set unrealistic expectations. -Alright, I get that only someone who finds arguably pathological joy

  • In repetitive tasks would sign their name 200,000 times, but that doesn't mean that you should

  • Sign zero pre-orders. So yeah we'll figure something out, sorry I had to go out

  • To get a piece of pizza. Let's just resume filming at the hotel room.

  • Hank, congratulations again on a great book. I am so excited for the world to read it

  • And for the important conversations that will emerge from it.

  • But before I go I have to do a bit of self-promo. The first episode of my new

  • Podcast, The Anthropocene Reviewed, is out now and available for your listening pleasure.

  • The Anthropocene Reviewed is a podcast where I review different

  • Facets of the human centered planet on a five-star scale. The first episode is about Canada Geese, a bird

  • Species that nearly went extinct, and Diet Dr. Pepper, a zero-calorie soda

  • Popularized by a man named Foots. It's been really fun to work on something personal

  • And also a little weird. I hope you like it there are links in the doobly-doo below.

  • Hank, An Absolutely Remarkable thing comes out September 25th and is available for pre-order now.

  • I will see you on Friday.

Good morning Hank, it's Tuesday. Greetings from the floor of a hotel room in New York City.


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