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  • - When parents raise questions about vaccine safety,

  • I ask them specifically what they've heard.

  • Because often they've heard or read

  • one thing that I can address directly

  • and I explain to them where there are

  • mistaken bits of information

  • and how sometimes people draw conclusions

  • that one thing caused another

  • when they really didn't have anything to do with each other.

  • The other thing is I do like to talk about

  • how vaccines are determined to be safe

  • and I think it's important for us,

  • as physicians and healthcare providers,

  • to understand how vaccines are vetted for safety

  • before they're even licensed or approved by the FDA

  • so that we can literally address those concerns

  • with families and parents

  • from a standpoint of knowledge

  • and understanding the science and the system.

  • Sometimes I even talk about the rotavirus vaccine,

  • which post marketing revealed that there were issues

  • and that vaccine was withdrawn from the market

  • in less than a year.

  • With the HPV vaccine in particular

  • we've given over 150 million doses

  • and truthfully, except for perhaps an allergic reaction,

  • the most serious side effect that's been identified

  • is that some teenagers valsalva, hold their breath,

  • and faint after they have a vaccine.

  • When you put it into perspective for families

  • and explain the facts,

  • many times you can dispel those safety concerns.

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(gentle music)


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HPVワクチンをめぐる親の安全性への懸念への対応アリックス・カスラー博士 (Addressing Parents’ Safety Concerns around HPV Vaccine: Dr. Alix Casler)

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