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  • (Geri) I delivered mail.

  • I was a letter carrier.

  • Working at the post office is a fast-paced job.

  • You have to get in, get your mail up and get to the streets

  • so you can get the mail out in a timely fashion.

  • You're on your feet 99% of the day, and, um,

  • outside in the elements and walking.

  • And up and down steps and hills or whatever

  • terrain you may find yourself in.

  • You didn't have time to stop and do anything but, you know,

  • you take your break and then you keep it movin'.

  • It was, it was hard on the body.

  • And some days I would come home and all I could do was

  • just collapse into bed because the mail would be so heavy.

  • But I loved my job and I loved my customers.

  • They were awesome. Yeah, they still miss me.

  • I learned I had COPD in 2004.

  • It got to the point where

  • I would take a few steps and I couldn't breathe.

  • I just had to stop - had to stop.

  • 2014, I had to leave my job. I couldn't work.

  • It's not a one size fits all disease. Everybody is different.

  • Everybody's end stage and first stage is different.

  • There are people that have COPD that is in the end stage

  • and they're bedridden.

  • I don't sit down and dwell on what's gonna happen.

  • I just try to seize the moment

  • and enjoy what I can while I can.

(Geri) I delivered mail.


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