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  • So picture this. You're a veterinarian and you have a client that has sick calves

  • on their farm, and the calves are actually dying and this is something

  • that is very unusual, and one of the things you find out is that the germ

  • that's causing the calves to get sick is resistant to most of the antibiotics

  • that you would use to actually treat these infections. Imagine across town

  • there's a human doctor and they're seeing sick kids who are hospitalized with this

  • exact same germ and the drugs that they might try and use to treat the infection

  • in the kids aren't working. In this outbreak of Salmonella Heidelberg what

  • we started to see is that children who worked with cattle and these were kids

  • who participated in 4H events or other types of agricultural activities were

  • getting sick with this really severe strain of Salmonella and when I say it

  • was severe, I mean a lot of these kids were hospitalized. When we see antibiotic

  • resistance in an outbreak, it usually means three things; the first is that the

  • infection can be more severe, the second is that the antibiotics we normally use

  • to treat these infections might not work and the third is that these people might

  • be hospitalized for a longer amount of time. One of the things we saw in this

  • outbreak was that people and animals were getting sick with this particular

  • strain of Salmonella. The antibiotics that we usually use to treat this

  • infection were not effective against this germ. This germ had multi-drug

  • resistance or was resistant to many of the first-line antibiotics

  • that we would use to treat infections in both people and animals. That's why it's

  • so important for us to use antibiotics judiciously and carefully to make sure

  • that we preserve the power of antibiotics to treat infections in

  • people and in animals when it's most needed. As a producer anytime your

  • animals are sick you can work with your veterinarian to find out a little bit

  • more about what's going on, and those in the agriculture community should get to

  • know their state public health veterinarian. Everyone has a role to play

  • in keeping animals and people healthy and safe including veterinarians

  • producers and those in the animal industry.

So picture this. You're a veterinarian and you have a client that has sick calves


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抗生物質の力を一緒に守る (Preserving the Power of Antibiotics Together)

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