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  • (uplifting music)

  • - At that point the best chance

  • to at least use that opportunity

  • for good is to still use it as an educational experience,

  • to let them know why you feel it's important,

  • to review some of the information that you have,

  • and kind of gauge what their reception is.

  • If they're completely against it at that point,

  • I think that it's reasonable to say,

  • "I see that we're on two different opinions right here,

  • "and we can come back and revisit it."

  • But if in any other case there's

  • some openness to at least hearing

  • you out, I think that that's a good time

  • to at least follow through

  • and provide additional information via website

  • or through other sources you may have in your practice.

  • (uplifting music)

(uplifting music)


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HPVワクチンを断る、または拒否する親との対話ウォリン博士 (Talking with Parents Who Decline or Refuse HPV Vaccine: Dr. Wolynn)

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