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  • (coughing)

  • (Brian) Over the years, when I smoked,

  • I never considered the effect

  • that my smoking had on my family.

  • (Denise) At 35, he had a heart attack.

  • We were back and forth in hospital rooms constantly.

  • I was in doctor's offices constantly.

  • Then, the cancer came.

  • And that was like a punch in the stomach.

  • I was not prepared for that.

  • And I'm like, oh my God he's not gonna live.

  • So now I have to decide what am I going to do, you know?

  • I thought we were okay. Back to doctors, back to tests,

  • back to sitting in hospital rooms.

  • And then, they found another nodule in his lung.

  • I'm thinking, oh here we go again.

  • When you have a sick spouse, it is a job.

  • Then you have to help him get out of bed.

  • You have to help him change his clothes.

  • You have to help, you know, make sure he doesn't trip

  • getting into the shower ´cause

  • he has that oxygen that he's using,

  • and the tube has to go in there with him.

  • And then when I even got sicker and I had to get the PICC line

  • and we had to have pumps at home that had to be changed out,

  • every...I don't know...

  • Every other day. ...Every other day.

  • And the batteries had to be changed out.

  • She did everything to make sure that I would -

  • that I would survive.

  • I would get phone calls from neighbors saying,

  • "I found Brian on the floor." I would talk to my boss and say,

  • "I have to go home, my husbands on the floor."

  • And so, eventually, I told my bosses, I said

  • "I can't work here anymore. I gotta take care of Brian."

  • He's my best friend, you know, and I love him dearly.

  • I'm just scared now, you know, of losing him.



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A2 初級

デニス:今は怖くてしかたがない (Denise: I’m Just Scared Now)

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