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  • [Megin] It's not only food

  • that can make you sick with Salmonella.

  • Animals, like cows and backyard chickens,

  • can also carry Salmonella.

  • One of the things that this outbreak really showed us was

  • that the health of animals and the health

  • of people are very closely related.

  • Anytime you're working around animals, it's really important

  • to remember to wash your hands with soap and water.

[Megin] It's not only food


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病気の子供、乳牛、効かない抗生物質。メーギン・ニコルズ博士のショートストーリー (Sick Kids, Dairy Calves, and Antibiotics That Don’t Work: Dr. Megin Nichols’s Story Short)

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