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  • - Hello teachers,

  • I'm Sal Khan, founder of the not-for-profit Khan Academy,

  • and I'm here to announce a nationwide

  • back to school learning challenge called LearnStorm.

  • LearnStorm is an exciting way to jump start

  • your school year around learning activities.

  • It's designed to motivate your students

  • and to help build their growth mindset.

  • - This year was amazing with LearnStorm,

  • I had a group of students that couldn't add,

  • subtract, multiply, or divide fractions.

  • They avoided it at all costs,

  • but since it was an assignment,

  • they would try it and they would eventually do much better.

  • And what was amazing was that the lower achieving students

  • were able to see that they were part of something huge.

  • They were able to contribute, (cheering)

  • and that, I thought, boosted their self-confidence,

  • their self-esteem, and I didn't realize

  • that would happen after doing a LearnStorm.

  • (cheering) (clapping)

  • (warm bouncy music)

  • - LearnStorm is a good way to differentiate

  • and as well as motivate.

  • And with the growth mindset pieces,

  • you can also educate them about

  • why it's important to learn,

  • how they learn, how their body is set up to learn,

  • what strategies help them learn.

  • It's amazing, it's amazing and it's free!

  • (laughing)

  • It's free!

  • - We think this is really going to motivate your students

  • to understand, to appreciate that they truly

  • can learn learn anything.

  • The activities have been designed

  • to have measurable gains in learning attitudes.

  • - One thing I learned from the growth mindset activities

  • is that your intelligence can grow

  • just like your muscles can grow

  • and that's something that really stuck with me.

  • 'Cause I didn't know that before.

  • - I did over 300 lessons in one week.

  • I felt proud of myself, getting all of these good grades.

  • - It helps the students tremendously,

  • their confidence is higher,

  • they're able to do it and it warms my heart

  • that they think that way now.

  • And they know that they can keep going

  • and keep growing and nothing will stand in their way.

  • - So together, as we jump start the school year,

  • I look forward for all of us living the LearnStorm motto,

  • to keep going and to keep growing.

  • (all chanting "Go and cheat!")

- Hello teachers,


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