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  • Hello lovely people!

  • And welcome to the final day of christmastide!

  • It is my 2018 version of vlogmas. You can find the

  • other videos in the series linked in the description down below. In today's video I'm going

  • to explain a little about what twelfth night isand give a massive thank you to all

  • of you for not only sticking through the series and watching to the end but also-

  • Thank you to everyone who purchased my Christmas merch bracelets, I've really loved seeing

  • photos of you enjoying them on twitter and instagram.

  • It makes my heart so happy!

  • However, I have taken onboard requests for a wider range of styles and also some 'less

  • girlie' designs, which- fair.

  • So! I will be launching a whole new range of merch on my birthday, the 25th of January!

  • How many times can I say that on Youtube?

  • There will be so many different items for you to choose from and also a range of styles!

  • [applause sound effect]

  • Follow me on Twitter: JessicaOOTC for up to the minute details on when things will be

  • released and a few sneak peaks of designs!

  • What is twelfth night?

  • It's thetwelfth... nightof Christmastide!

  • (see video 1 to understand christmastide- card)

  • It's a festival in some branches of Christianity that takes place on the last night of the

  • Twelve Days of Christmas, although different traditions mark the date of Twelfth Night differently

  • As either 5th January or 6th January, depending on which day one considers to be the first

  • of the Twelve Days: the 25th or 26th December

  • Never really sure of anything

  • It's also one of my favourite Shakespeare plays!

  • Twelfth night is often marked by a party, check.

  • Singing Christmas carols, meh.

  • Merrymaking, check!

  • And baking a Twelfth Night cake or 'king cake', made of a sweet brioche dough

  • in the shape of a hollow circle with a glazed topping sprinkled with colored sugar and has

  • a bean inside!

  • We decided to go full on rainbow cake!

  • Because: gay.

  • Sometimes the cake has a small plastic baby inside (to represent the Baby Jesus)

  • and the person who gets the piece of cake with the toy has

  • various privileges and obligations to that baby

  • But often it just has a bean and a pea and the people who find those in their slice are

  • respectively designated king and queen of the night's festivities!

  • We did not do that but I did get to wear a paper crown again so I was very excited.

  • In most English-speaking countries we declare it terrible luck to leave your christmas decorations

  • up after twelfth night and Claudia was in fact so upset at this prospect that despite

  • my migraine I spent four hours taking every darn decoration down and neatly packing them

  • away into their storage boxes because love!

  • Also, she was collating everything I need for my tax returns at the same time so she

  • really deserved me listening to her superstitions.

  • Or maybe they're not superstitions?

  • One year we missed the deadline and ended up just having to keep the Christmas tree

  • in the garden until it was dry enough for firewood. And you know what year followed

  • that christmas...?

  • 2016!

  • Widely known as 'a terrible year' according to the internet.

  • Although I did also marry the love of my life that year so really, it was pretty great.

  • For me.

  • Less said about the general the better.

  • On to happier subjects: how have you enjoyed my Christmastide series?

  • Did you like it more

  • than my previous years vlogmases?

  • There was less vlogging, granted

  • more talking and explaining things, so maybe some of you didn't like it

  • and prefer vlogmas.

  • But this was really the only way I could do Disability History Month and the

  • profiles that quite a few of you seemed to enjoy throughout December

  • and I'll definitely be doing more of the profiles.

  • Let me know what you've thought and felt and what you would like to see next year.

  • Usual programming will resume this Friday with a review of The Favourite because

  • I cannot.

  • With much Christmas love, I do declare Christmas-tired to be officially over!

  • Jessica out.

Hello lovely people!


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